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Hello! Welcome to our website where we share our love for food — and everything else that’s related to this yummy subject.

My name’s Karelle, and the other half of “we” is Mike, who’s a wizard of a home cook. Together, we cover delectable stories that inspire you to think about the everyday act of eating as more than just nourishment.

On Bay View Gourmet, you’ll find helpful and fun guides, tips and insights on stuff related to food, restaurant dining, cooking and baking. We also do travel-related stories as well as cover health and leisure.

Savor Every Bite (Trust Us, It’s Worth It)

We’re firm believers in mindful eating.

We believe that people should savor every meal, whether it’s served in a restaurant or cooked in their kitchen. Our team doesn’t subscribe to the “gobble, gulp and go” or “distracted eating” mindset of on-the-go individuals.

Whether the dish is as simple as scrambled eggs on toast or as sophisticated as barbecued octopus on freekeh tabouli, you must enjoy every bite. Take the time to notice the plating; the colors, shape and texture of the food presented. After all, we “eat” with our eyes first.

We also believe in healthy eating.

Although we’re not 100 percent against fast food, like cheeseburgers and hotdogs, we do think that too much of the same meals is bad for you. Our advice is to get out of your “fast food” comfort zone and try eating dishes or cooking meals that will arouse and excite your palate.

Live a little, OK?

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