Adrenaline Rush for the Not-so-brave Folk

The world is full of daredevils. Some people are willing to do some death-defying stunts to satisfy their craving for an adrenaline rush. These fearless individuals can jump off cliffs with a bungee cord wrapped around their legs. They can jump out of a plane and skydive, with the 550 cord of a parachute helping them land to safety. In addition to their gear, they are surrounded by professionals who are experts in their fields and know every safety measure that they have to apply. They make sure that nothing would go wrong with their stunts.

There are folk who are less inclined to doing risky stunts. You may be one of them. Have you ever felt your legs shake when your fear of heights gets the better of you? There are still ways for you to savor the same excitement as those braver people do. Here are some activities that you can partake in that takes place in a more controlled environment. These should let your juices run hot and get you pumped up.


This is a shooting game without the big bangs and smoke. Replace that instead with bruises and paint splats. The physical requirement for this activity is very attainable. Basically, if you are of sound mind and able to run, you’re in. This can be a showcase of your aiming ability and your competitive spirit.

Matches make up two teams fighting each other. Objectives can vary depending on the site. Participants can play games of “capture the flag” or “team free for all.” For the latter, it’s just the winning team having the most successful hits.


If you are feeling the need for speed but want something that is a notch up from your grandfather’s amusement-park bumper cars, try riding a go-kart. Most indoor-type establishments let you drive karts that produce around 5 to 12 horsepower.

go karts

Although it may not exactly scream motorsport, it should be plenty enough to get you going, but not too much to keep you safe. The open body of the vehicle should give you a better perception of speed, as you can feel the wind and other racers whizz past you.

Zip Line

This is an activity that might help you overcome your fear of heights. You are strapped on a harness that wraps your body, which is then connected to a pulley. You are positioned on a higher plane. The downward slant of the cable line is what will take you to your destination.

All you need is a little push, and you will zip your way down in no time. It’s a short distance to suit the courage levels of many. The several minutes it takes to complete will be exhilarating.

Doing extreme stunts is not a requirement in life. Do not feel bad about yourself if you feel like a scaredy-cat when pushed to participate in them. But if you have a little bit of curiosity in you, there’s nothing wrong with taking some baby steps. These activities give you a taste of what it’s like to live on the edge.

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