Be Good to Your Feet: A Helpful Guide

Aren’t we tough on our feet? It’s the most abused part of our bodies. From the moment we wake up to the time we drive to work and dance the night away at our favorite Friday club, our feet take us places. But have we ever stopped to realized how much our feet are taking for us? It is literally carrying our weight for 12 or more hours a day, depending on how long our usual days last. Imagine carrying your weight all day. Wouldn’t you feel exhausted? Wouldn’t you also break down?

That’s what happens when your feet get blisters or when you experience chronic foot pain. Other genetic problems are, of course, part of the problem. While a podiatrist can help you with these issues, they will also tell you that most of the time, you can prevent these issues from happening if you only take better care of your feet and legs.

So, what should you do? How can you continue doing all the activities you need to do without “abusing” your feet? Is that even possible? Yes, of course. Even before sneakers technology made it possible to protect the Achilles of many athletes, taking care of your feet is so simple.

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Perfectly

So many people buy shoes without trying them on. It’s the worst thing you can do for your feet. Your shoes should fit properly. You should be comfortable standing, walking, and moving around in them. When your shoes don’t fit, your feet will hurt. If it’s a constant thing, then the pain will be constant, too.

How about trendy shoes? Experts suggest that you should only wear cloth shoes for leisurely activities while heels should have a broad base. Stilettos will always hurt your feet. Also, as a general rule, have a pair of sneakers as standby. Do you know what a bad pair of shoes can cause? They lead to corns, calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, and irritation.

Don’t Go Barefoot

Whether at the beach or in your house, keep your feet protected with a pair of slippers. You can get so many injuries by walking barefoot. You never know what you will step on at the beach or even in your own home. At the same time, the cold floor tiles of your house aren’t great for your legs’ muscles.

Take Care of Your Heel

Have you ever felt pain while walking? That’s because you have plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the band of connective tissue that supports the arch of your feet. If you feel pain every time you take a step, that’s because there’s literally something happening in your feet. Use shoes with sturdy footing rather than slippers and sandals.

Clean and Dry Your Feet

In your rush to get to your work, you most likely never put lotion on your feet or even foot powder. You pat them dry but immediately slip on your shoes. That excessive moisture in your shoes will not only make your feet smell but will also cause blisters and cracks. Your feet can also lose blood circulation and nerve function.

At the same time, make it a point to use a pumice stone or skin softener for the toughened skin on your feet. The pressure of the movements on the calluses on your feet will contribute to the pain you are already feeling. Do not make it worse by not addressing your problems with corns and calluses.

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Get a Pedicure

Men, women, young, and old alike should get foot spas and pedicures regularly. Lucky for you, a salon is not the only place where this is possible. You can even give yourself a foot spa at home. Just soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes then use a pumice stone to remove the now-softened calluses. Cut your toenails and remove the dead skin around your nails. This isn’t only for aesthetics; it can also make your feet feel better once in a while.

Check With Your Doctor

Annual check-ups with the doctor will give you an idea of your overall physical health. Diabetic people need to take extra precautions because even the tiniest injuries are slow to heal. Imagine having a tiny wound in your feet for weeks. That will make even just walking uncomfortable for you. Many people do not consider their feet as an extension of their physical health. These two are so interconnected that it is impossible to separate them from each other.

If only people can hear what their feet are saying, they’d be ashamed that it has taken them years to realize how much work their feet do for them. Spend time and even money on them. Maybe even as much time and money you spend blow-drying your hair to perfection.

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