Bigger Family, Bigger Car: Pointers in Buying A Family Car

Why Get A Family Car?

Before you and your spouse had kids, your motorbike or two-seater sports car may have been the perfect vehicle, but as your family grows and new members are introduced (kids, as well as pets), you’ll need to get a family vehicle. The primary purpose of a family car is to have a convenient and safe mode of transportation that allows you to take control of your time (eliminating the need to go to bus stops and waiting), enables more access to areas outside your local bus routes, and is an essential tool in case of emergencies (such as kids getting sick or injured).

However, getting a family car requires a lot of planning and resources, and is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As such, we’ll be taking a look at tips to help you decide and choose the right family car and at the right time.


Never compromise on safety. The few hundreds or thousands you save when buying a cheaper yet unsafe vehicle isn’t worth risking your family’s safety on the road. So, if you’re going to buy a family car, don’t skimp on the security features. Before going to the local car dealership, it’s vital that you already have a security feature checklist on hand, or better yet do your research for the top family-friendly cars. So make sure that the vehicle you choose satisfies everything from in the list— from airbags to door and window locking systems for children, sensors, and so on.

Capacity: Space and Storage

How much space do you need? Fine-tune your search by seating capacity, make sure that your family vehicle can accommodate the entire family (and perhaps even future ones, but more on that later). Your family car should also have enough storage space for bags, equipment, groceries, and so on.

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Plan and Think Ahead

You may be a family of 3 or 4 right now, but there’s always the possibility of you adding another member to the family, and perhaps even a pet. That said, when choosing a family car, it’s best to consider having an allowance for 1 or 2 more passengers inside if you’re planning on having more kids. That way, you wouldn’t have to go over the entire process of getting a bigger vehicle again just after a year or so.

Money Matters

One of the biggest hurdles in getting a bigger vehicle (or any vehicle) is the financial aspect. That said, you’ll need to have enough money for the down payment, and a good enough credit score for an auto loan. Luckily, some dealerships can help you finance your Volkswagen vehicle of choice and provide different credit and even lease options.

For those With Babies

If you have an infant (or a baby on the way), it’s also essential to test if your baby car seat fits and locks into your car of choice. If not, you may want to either choose a different model or replace your baby car seat for one that’ll fit into the vehicle. When it comes to storage, you’d also want to ensure that the storage features of the family car can accommodate the stroller and other infant supplies. Lastly, test out how easy (or difficult) it would be to retrieve or put in the baby out from and into the vehicle. If it’s awkward or difficult to remove the baby (or a doll/bag when testing), then you may want to consider getting a different model.


Getting a family vehicle is no easy task, and a lot could go wrong when you choose the wrong vehicle, which is why it’s important to take note of these tips to ensure that you get the right family car at the right time.

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