Boosting Your Home Value Through Landscaping

Landscaping is an easy, and affordable way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. It adds actual value to your home that you can enjoy while you own the property, and cash in on when you sell it.

However, not every landscaping adds monetary value to your home — poor landscaping can even lessen your home value. You have to be strategic about it, and follow these landscaping tips.

Match the style of the house

A surefire way to get a great return on investment with your landscaping is to match the style of your house. If you own a Victorian home, for example, a Japanese garden will clash with the structure, and could even lower your home value instead. In this case, you are better off with a cottage or country-style landscape that blends in with the traditional vibe of your home.

The same goes for modern home styles, like the industrial or prairie style. To match these categories, you should stay away from formal gardens or an abundance of blooms bursting with bright colors. Create a modern landscape that relies heavily on greenery, and natural beds that go with the contours of the property.

Edging and mulching

Edging is a basic landscaping technique that many homeowners overlook in favor of more expensive landscaping projects. Creating a lush lawn with a neatly trimmed and well-defined edge is an inexpensive and easy way to enhance the value of your property. Edge your lawn along driveways, garden beds, and sidewalks to show prospective buyers that you are meticulous about the property’s upkeep. They will get the impression that you also keep the rest of the property in pristine condition.

Use quality mulch to highlight the contrasts between the different sections of your landscape. It also keeps weeds at bay and keeps plants safe during times of heavy frost and drought.

Seasonal balance

Your landscaping should make your home look great regardless of the season. However, many homeowners fail to consider that plants have varying seasonal life cycles. When designing your landscape, consider seasonal balance providing lush visual stimulus in any given month. For spring, you can plant blooming bulbs; annual flower beds during summer; shrubs with vibrant leaves in the fall; and refreshing evergreens for the winter.

Plant trees

trimming plant

Planting trees is the best natural way to add value to your property. Studies even found that being on a tree-lined street adds up to 15% to a property’s sale price compared to those located in neighborhoods with fewer trees. Trees add an eco-friendly value to your home, and the shade cools your home in the summer, cutting air conditioning costs.

Trees flourish most in the areas where they naturally belong, so you need to choose local tree species. Local landscaping experts know what trees grow well in your area. If you live in the Silicon Slopes, for example, an arborist in Lehi can help you choose the best trees for your property.

We have an inherent attachment to nature, and that is why being surrounded by wonderful greenery makes us feel a lot better. Through strategic landscaping, you can bring a patch of nature close to home, while adding thousands of dollars to the value of your property. It may take some effort to create and maintain but think of your landscaping as the seeds you plant for a better home.

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