Can You Wear Your Ski Pants to the Office?

If you haven’t watched some ski champions walk their very own runway, aka the slope, you should educate yourself right now. Ski pants no longer look the way they did 10 years ago when they’re all insulated goodness with nary a thought to being fashion-forward. Today, these pants come in full function and fashionable prints that you can wear anywhere. Yes, that’s right, you can even wear your ski pants in the office. You just have to be creative and resourceful when pairing it with a more casual top.

But first, you must choose the prints or lack of prints thereof. You can opt for all-white ski pants, but the silver ones that you usually see in the slopes might not work in the office. Thankfully, Bogner tela ski pants come in all kinds of prints—floral, plaid, crocodile, and plain—that you can pair them up with anything in the office.

You will be making some noise when you walk down the office hallways, though. Ski pants are made of polyester or nylon with a coating of durable water repellant. They’re like a thin layer of plastic that rubs against each other when you walk. Ski pants usually have two or more layers in them, but others also come in thinner one layer with no insulation.

Leather Jacket

Pair your favorite white ski pants with a black leather jacket on top. Zip the jacket to your chin so you’ll look more elongated. Ski pants tend to make the wearer look shorter because the fabric needs to be a little loose (to allow layers of clothing under). Depending on the temperature in your office, you can wear insulated ski pants or one without insulation. The leather jacket will make you look casual, but dressed up for some serious work, too.

White Blouse

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Do you have floral tight-skinned ski pants? That will work well with a loose all-white blouse as your top. Don’t tuck the blouse in because you have to cover a bit of your behind since skin-tight ski pants are not exactly office wardrobe. If you do have to tuck it in, choose to leave the tail untucked.

Slim Sweater

If the weather a bit colder than usual, you can wear a slim and tight-skinned sweater with baggy ski pants styled as cargo pants. These pants have large pockets in front, which makes them the perfect pants to wear if you’re working in a construction site or warehouse. Make sure to pair them with a skinny top, so you will still look put together even with the baggy pants. You can also wear overalls with a slim sweater, though that might make you feel like you’re back at kindergarten.

In the end, what you wear at work is subject to what you feel comfortable in and what is appropriate. And yes, if you want to wear your ski pants outside the slopes, the office is a perfect environment to turn into your own fashion runway. Just make sure you keep these things in mind: loose baggy pants go with slim tops, printed ski pants should work with a plain white blouse, and leather jackets always look good no matter what.

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