Are you considering lip fillers Kent?

Over the years, cosmetic procedures have become more and more popular and there has been a particular surge in non-invasive treatments such as Botox and particularly lip fillers. With the increase in popularity and growing demand, there is now the option of getting such non surgical  treatments done by a dentist as well as a surgeon. So if you are considering treatments within facial aesthetics and are based in Kent, you can also book an appointment at your local dental practice, where a highly skilled dentist will be able to deliver such treatments.

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The benefits of receiving facial aesthetic treatments from your dentist

You may have not been aware that dentists can carry out such cosmetic procedures however due to their extensive training, dentists are more qualified to carry out such invasive procedures than you may realise. In order to become fully qualified, dentists are required to have in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face, including the movements of the eyes, cheeks and nose, along with knowledge of the muscles and nerves. Dentists understand how the nose, mouth and cheeks are all linked and therefore are aware of how a small change  can affect the overall movement of an individual’s face.

Dentists are also well experienced in administering injections, meaning that administering treatments such as botox or fillers will mean the procedures will be just as smooth.

An insight on lip fillers Kent

A cosmetic treatment administered using injections, lip fillers are a temporary procedure made of hyaluronic acid which aims to add volume to your lips. For this procedure, a local anaesthetic will firstly be administered to the area to reduce the risk of any discomfort during the treatment. Following this, the filler will then be injected in your lips, with the effects showing up immediately. The procedure takes a few minutes and can last up to six months.

Given that this is not a permanent treatment, if you are looking for more long lasting results it is possible to have the treatment redone every three months.

Although having lip fillers is considered a safe and effective treatment, it is recommended that you book a consultation prior to the procedure tso that you are fully informed of the risks, any side effects and what to do to reduce any risk of side effects after the treatment. .

Following the procedure, you may notice that the affected area may be swollen or red, but this should subside after a few days. If you notice that the swelling has not gone down after a few days, or you are not happy with the procedure, it is recommended you contact your dentist for advice on what to do and in the worst case scenario, if you feel you need medical attention you should visit your nearest accident and emergency department.

The main benefits of having this treatment is that it is a non-invasive and painless procedure which leaves you with a fuller and more defined lip, and it also improves self esteem.

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