Could a dentist in Stevenage give you something to smile about?

Putting on a happy face

In today’s world, it has never been more important that we remember to smile. Although things may seem doom-and-gloom at times, when we smile we can actually improve our mood as well as the mood of the people around us – and altogether make the world a better place on a marginal, yet far from insignificant level. However, for a number of people, smiling is simply not an option. Those whose teeth are stained, chipped or are visibly in poor repair can often actively refrain from smiling, because they are afraid or self-conscious about how they will be viewed by others. Anyone who believes that they feel this way should not hide themselves away behind a solemn face, but rather see if a dentist could help them to put on a happy face through a number of cosmetic treatments.

Put some sparkle into your smile

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry which is readily available for those who are in the Stevenage area, is teeth whitening. This is by far one of the most widely requested forms of cosmetic dentistry, because it can achieve lasting and impactful results in a short period of time and can do wonders for a patient’s self-esteem and inner confidence.

There are a number of reasons as to why a patient’s teeth may become stained over time, including smoking tobacco or drinking drinks which are dark in colour such as red wine and coffee. Also, as we age the enamel on our teeth darkens and dulls, which can also cause a number of people to seek out swift and effective aid through cosmetic whitening. It is also commonly used in preparation for important social events where it pays to look your best – such as a wedding, first date or that crucial job interview.

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What types of whitening are available?

There are several different techniques and methods which can be used to brighten and whiten your enamel. This is why it pays to first have your teeth assessed by a cosmetic whitening expert before seeking any treatment. Doing so also informs the practitioner about your reasons for getting whitening treatment and if there are any time constraints. With this information, the dental expert can then choose a whitening method which will deliver the results you are looking for, within the desired time frame.

One method of whitening which is available for patients is the Enlighten whitening system. This is the only whitening system of its kind which can guarantee that patients’ teeth will be brightened by up to 16 shades, and feature a mix of both in-practice whitening and at-home whitening methods. Prior to beginning this treatment, a custom made tray is created for each patient from a mould of their teeth. It is this tray which is then used to apply the hydrogen-peroxide based gel or whitening agent which is used to brighten their enamel.

The Enlighten whitening system also includes a proprietary toothpaste which patients are required to use for around two weeks before their treatment, and an Evo White toothpaste which is to be used after their treatment is completed to achieve the best results. Anybody who is feeling embarrassed about the colour of their teeth should take action by seeking out a reliable provider of cosmetic whitening and getting the care they deserve.

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