Diving deeper into oral hygiene and why it should be taken seriously

In the early stages of life, a lot of consideration is put into how the teeth are cleaned and whether they are growing healthily. The teachings behind brushing the teeth begin and the baby teeth are cared for. Once the baby teeth begin to fall out, for some cultures, the tooth fairy comes into play and a small celebration is held. The adult teeth begin to push through and once again the importance of brushing is repeated.

The importance of the visits to the dental practice are often brushed past and is something the parents or guardians insist upon as a child but does this continue into adulthood? In some cases, unfortunately not.

So why is it so important to attend regular appointments at the dental practice no matter your age? Below are just some of the reasons to attend the dental practice.

Monitoring the cleaning methods

Whilst the brush of the teeth taught as a child is of great importance, the techniques used, the equipment used and the frequency of the cleans all plays a huge part in ensuring the oral health receives the best care.

In some cases, the patient may use too much force when brushing the teeth and the gum can suffer as a result, or it may be that the build up of plaque is not always successfully brushed away leading to potential gum disease. No matter what is happening within the mouth, by attending regular visits to the dentist the oral care can be monitored and in some cases the patient can be referred to the hygienist Richmond for help with a more thorough clean and understanding of what is needed.

The frequency of the clean

As mentioned above, how often the mouth receives a thorough oral hygiene clean plays a huge role in the overall health of the patient. It is often recommended to clean the teeth twice a day with a clean the teeth always being carried out at the end of the day before heading off to sleep. Alongside the brush can be the use of dental floss. Whilst the mouthwash adverts suggest the washing away of all the plaque, the harder to clean areas such as between the teeth are often left with elements of debris leading to build ups of plaque. Carrying out a gentle floss each day can assist in shifting the plaque and reduces the chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

A brush of the teeth doesn’t have to be considered to be brain surgery but by learning the effective techniques from your dental team and understanding the reasoning behind it, patients are less likely to have to undergo more intensive dental treatments or procedures.

Protecting the future of your smile

Working together as a team with your dentist helps to reduce a number of health problems that you may face and can guide you into taking better care of your oral health.

For those who wish to save time, money and to protect their smile, contact the dental practice to get your regular check-up appointments and deep cleaning in motion.

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