Tips for a Creative and Romantic Engagement Shoot This 2022

If there is one thing couples need to invest in when it comes to their engagement and wedding season, it’s the photos. Nothing will preserve your special day more than documentation, so why not go all out and find a photographer that will help execute your vision for the concept and aesthetic?

If you and the love of your life are planning to have your engagement portrait taken, here are some ideas for creative and romantic pictures.

Let Your Interests Shine Through

This is perhaps the best way to let your engagement photos stand out from the rest. No matter how common your hobby or interests may be, no other couple has the exact same idiosyncrasy and personality. Here are some examples of hobbies you can incorporate into your shoot and how you can make it look seamless and natural:

  • If you and your partner are car lovers, consider doing a road trip concept. Look for a stunning highway near you and let a drone follow you around as you drive. Make sure the car you use is in tip-top shape, too. If parts like the windshield need repair or if it needs a good waxing, make sure to give it the tender loving care it deserves before you place it in front of a camera.
  • Another hobby that can instantly bring your engagement photos from zero to hero is fitness activities or sports, especially water ones. If both of you are into surfing, make use of that passion and let it translate into the photos. An excellent photographer with a proven track record of shooting gorgeous pictures by the beach will make your concept look even more stunning and unforgettable.
  • Another example is

Location, Location, Location

This three-word mantra is not just true about the real estate industry—it’s also important for photo shoots. If there is one piece of advice you need to know to achieve good photography, it’s this: You need to take pictures of pretty things, places, and people. Think about it: Have you ever seen an ugly picture of Natalie Portman? Probably not, because she’s gorgeous and photogenic, and it doesn’t take a lot to create a good photo if she’s the model.

prenup shoot at a memorable place

The same principle applies to your engagement shoot. While we can make the case that normal or unpolished locations can also look good when a talented photographer is at the helm, you cannot deny that the job will be much easier and faster if you choose a naturally stunning location—and plus points if the location means the world to you and your partner. Here are some ideas of potential locations you can choose for your engagement shoot:

  • A nice restaurant or coffee shop with a niche concept, like a 50s diner with plenty of neon lights
  • An elegant home that has a lot of natural light
  • A clearing in the woods
  • A vibrant neighborhood with plenty of interesting homes and cafes—and plus points if the area is colorful

If you want to spend less money on props, styling, or a studio, consider looking for locations that are already naturally pretty. It’s so much more stress-free.

Keep the Poses Natural

The last thing you want is for your photos to look staged lest you want to run the risk of it looking like one of those awkward prom photos. Just act the way you and your partner would in everyday life, without cameras. A good photographer would be able to bring out the best in both of you, so listen to their instruction well. But if they give you free reins, just act normally and think of how much you love your partner and how excited you are about the idea of spending the rest of your life with them. Keeping yourself in that headspace will help bring out the most natural and affectionate in you.

Shoot During the Golden Hour or Magic Hour

If you want to worry less about the editing and post-processing of the photos, consider shooting during the golden hour or the time during sunrise or sunset when the sun is at its lowest. You can also consider shooting magic hour, which is the time when the sky is in shades of periwinkle or purple. This stunning lighting care of Mother Nature will make your photos appear magical and straight out of a fairy tale.

Don’t hesitate to invest in your photos, both for the engagement and the wedding. They will make for meaningful conversations should you have children and grandchildren one day. Congratulations and best wishes!

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