Here’s How to Plan a Children’s Birthday at the Last Minute

With everything that’s going on – work, pandemic, bills – you might have forgotten about planning your child’s birthday. No fret, though, as you can rely on plenty of tips to prep for it the last minute.

When you don’t have a lot of time to deal with your child’s important day, consider these ideas:

1. Buy Their Favorite Cake

Although baking a home-made cake is indeed special, it would demand at least an hour or two (perhaps even more if we’re talking about a multi-layered dessert). This doesn’t even account for preparing the ingredients and running to the grocery to buy your supplies. 

But since a birthday won’t be complete without it, consider getting an ice cream cake in stores like Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Not only is it unique, but you can also guarantee there will be none left by the end of the day. Your child can also choose their favorite flavor or design. Now, that’s a win-win for you both.

2. Think of Fast Themes 

Themes can help plan birthdays quickly since they give you directions on practically everything: food to prepare, venue, costumes, games, etc. However, some might be too complicated that you won’t have enough time to make them come true. 

Instead, opt for ‘fast themes’ such as:

  • Overnight camping – Bring out the sleeping bags, create a bonfire pit, and make some smores. You will have fewer things to clean the next day too. 
  • Netflix and chill – On your child’s special day, it will be their favorite shows and movies all the way. Complement the viewing party with popcorn, fairy bread, and, of course, Cheezels. 
  • Toys party – Now is the best time to maximize their toys. Create a theme around them. For example, if they have lots of planes and automobiles, you can plan a transport birthday theme. Tea parties are great for your kid’s stuffed toys.
  • Science party – Birthdays can be a great time to boost their curiosity and knowledge while having fun. You can Skype a scientist, watch a penguin parade, or see the movements of stars and planets with the Skyview app.
kids party

3. Let Them Help You

If you’re a well-known birthday planner in the family, your child might feel upset or frustrated if you don’t have anything prepared for them. You can avoid the tantrums, though, if you get them on-board in the planning process. 

  • Let them think of a theme. 
  • If they already know how to count or basic math, use it to help them budget their party. 
  • Encourage them to make party supplies, such as costumes or snacks. 

4. Make It into a Family Affair

If you want to take birthday planning up a notch, you need to have everyone working. The good news is this can be a great family activity:

  • Dad can buy supplies from the stores. 
  • Children can help Mom set the tables and chairs. 
  • Older siblings can plan and execute themes. 
  • Little ones can keep themselves busy with choreography for a small program. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you forget about planning your child’s birthday. These days, stress levels are at an all-time high. There’s plenty of support available, and these tips will help you organize one even when you have only a few days to prep.

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