Homeowners Spend Around $510 on Professional Tree Trimming

You should expect to spend around $510 on professional tree trimming in Sandy, Utah and other metropolitan areas. The rate applies to a medium-size tree, so prices can vary for smaller trees. The cost of labor will account for a significant part of the expenses.

A contractor may charge approximately $390 for trimming a mid-size tree, which can take two hours. Many homeowners mistakenly think that trimming and pruning are one and the same, but there are distinctions between the two methods. Pruning refers to the process of selectively cutting damaged branches or sections, while trimming improves the growth and production of flowers or fruits. You also need to trim trees near powerlines for safety reasons.

When Do Trees Need Trimming?

The months between spring and summer are generally the best times for trimming most tree species. Oak trees are an exception due to their vulnerability to disease. You shouldn’t trim them between April and October. If you have maple trees, trim them during winter while they are dormant. Consult an arborist to find out the best time for trimming trees.

In terms of cost, the rates also vary for tree trimming depending on the type of tree. Russian olive trees, for example, reach less than 30 feet in height, so trimming may cost from $75 to $450. Trees that measure up to 60 feet may cost at least $150, while any higher than that will require you to spend between $409 and $609.

Be Aware of Safety Precautions

pruning a tree

Your safety is a good reason to hire a contractor instead of trimming trees by yourself. A professional should use harnesses and ropes to trim trees instead of climbing onto ladders. Even if you have the right equipment, it takes some skills and experience to handle the job correctly. Trees near electrical lines must always be left in the hands of an expert. One wrong cut can lead to serious injuries.

Most trimming services normally reduce a tree’s height to have at least two to three years of height clearance from power cords. As an example, a six-foot silver maple tree that grows two feet every year must be trimmed after three years. Other types of trees may require more frequent trimming if they grow quickly and have large branches reaching towards utility posts.

When to Prune Trees

Do you prune trees in the fall? You should avoid doing this for most trees because pruning stimulates new growth, according to tree experts. Pruning can weaken them and affect flower or fruit production, as trees normally prepare to become dormant for winter. You might think that rainfall makes it easier to prune trees, but never do it when trees are wet. The risk of spreading disease increases when you prune wet trees.

Find at least three different contractors and compare their rates. You should request for project quotes instead of estimates. Quotes are often more detailed and provide you with a better idea of how much you need to spend on trimming trees.

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