How to Ace Your First Time at a Gala

A gala may sound elegant and classy. These affairs are indeed formal ones. Expect a venue that is thoughtfully decorated with style. Guests are treated to a sit-down meal or a buffet prepared with impressive catering in Dubai. But do not be fooled by its glitz and glamour, these events are actually for a cause. Behind the sophistication is a heart for advocacy. If it is your first time to attend a gala, what are the things that you should remember?

Do Your Homework Beforehand

Do not show up at the doors of the venue without even knowing the cause of the gala. Having some information about it will help you strike a conversation with people. Also, if there are key speakers, it might be good to look them up beforehand. You do not want to look foolish when you do not recognize important people at the event. But be ready to admit if you are at a loss for details. Take this as an opportunity to learn from someone.

Glam Up

Galas are a perfect way to socialize within your professional circle. Dressing up will help you look confident. Also, working on your wardrobe shows that you appreciate the invitation. Wearing stylish attire might also increase your chances of being photographed. A photo at such events is a positive note to your career. It would not hurt that the picture shows you looking dapper, too.

Participate in Activities

Remember why you are at the event in the first place. Be open to all the activities prepared by the event’s host. A gala usually has formal dancing, an auction, and some speeches. Brush up on your dancing skills. You do not have to be an expert. Bid considerably at the auction. Do not make it a joke. Have an open mind and open ear for the talks. You might learn something new.

DJ mixer inside a fancy event

Be Ready yet Discreet in Networking

It is expected to be around people who might prove to be beneficial to your career. But not everybody would want to talk about business. Others are only there to have a wonderful time. Test the waters for networking. Do not push business talks if you see that the other person is not ready. But remember to bring your business cards. You will never know when they will come handy.

Check Your Alcohol Limits

Aside from good food, quality drinks also overflow in such events. While they may be free, it is wise to manage your alcohol intake. Nobody knows the things you might do when you have one drink too many. Even with the abundance of alcoholic beverages, remember that it is a corporate event. Even with your alcohol intake in check, opt to arrange for transportation to and from the venue.

Do Not Be in a Hurry to Take Off

You may get stuck at an event where the speeches run for too long. Or maybe you are not that into the advocacy that the event is promoting. But social etiquette dictates that you do not hightail to the exit first chance you get. Linger for a while. If you must leave, excuse yourself gracefully. Do not do it, though, in the middle of a speech or an activity.

A gala is a great way to socialize in the business sector. It also brings together like-minded people who believe in a common cause. If you are invited to one, make it a worthwhile experience.

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