How to Have an Eco-friendly Business

These days, people are starting to see the importance of sustainable methods in managing the effects of climate change and conserving available resources. Whether we’re talking about individual households, large industries, and commercial establishments across the U.S., it seems that the Green Revolution is here to stay and flourish.

As such, companies like GF Commodities offer businesses a win-win solution to dispose of their used cooking oil and yellow grease. First, businesses that use such supplies won’t have to spend anything on their disposal since such a company will collect them onsite. Second, they will be paid for the grease and used cooking. Third, businesses that sell such by-products abide by applicable environmental regulations concerning the disposal of liquid wastes.

In short, it’s a financially rewarding way of going green. Here’s how you can turn your business into an eco-friendly enterprise:

Use LEDs

LED bulbs are far superior to incandescent bulbs and CFLs in terms of longevity, illumination, and eco-friendliness. LEDs consume lower energy so that power bills can be considerably slashed, hence giving the property owner huge savings.

Don’t be discouraged by the relatively higher cost of LED bulbs when compared to CFLs, since the return of investment (ROI) will be higher when you do go for this eco-friendly lighting alternative.

Go for solar power

Meanwhile, solar energy is fast becoming a go-to source of power for many businesses and industries, as well as private residences across the country. Over the years, solar panels have become cheaper and more advanced, thereby making them more accessible to many users. The fact that buildings with excess energy can sell solar power to other companies makes investments in such technology all the more attractive.

As such, you should invest solar power to bring down your monthly power bills and help lower the need for unsustainable energy sources like coal and gas.

Avoid, reuse, reduce, and recycle

Recycling symbol on white wooden wall background

There are several ways to make your business eco-friendly, such as avoiding single-use plastic and excess paper materials and recycling paper and plastics.

You can encourage and make it your business policy and advocacy to practice these sustainable methods so that everyone will be motivated to care about the earth in such ways. Whether it’s your staff or your clients and guests, there are a lot of ways to make it a collective effort.

Conserve water

Water is perhaps the single, most precious resource that we have, which makes it imperative to conserve it in every way possible.

You can practice water conservation by fixing leaks in your plumbing, investing in a rainwater harvesting facility, and urging your personnel and clients to practice water conservation by turning off the faucets while brushing or using a pail and dipper instead of the shower to take a bath.

Practice green procurement

Green procurement is simply the process of ensuring that the products you buy are produced sustainably and that they don’t possess harmful substances that can hurt the environment, animals, and humans.

The materials and supplies that you buy shouldn’t also have unnecessary packaging and must be reusable and recyclable to be truly eco-friendly.

With these pointers, you should find it easy to ensure that your business is as green as it can be.

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