How to Make Your House Easier to Clean

Why spend the whole weekend cleaning the house when you could be spending that time doing something more fun? When it comes to keeping your home clean, work smarter, not harder. Use these strategies to make your home easier to clean and keep it that way.

1. Declare a ‘shoes-off’ policy

The less dirt that gets tracked into the house, the less cleaning you have to do every time. To keep outside dirt from entering the house, make it a rule for the household to take off shoes by the doorway. In addition, place a shoe rack or shelf near the door to keep everyone’s shoes organized.

2. Ban shoes and walking barefoot on carpets

Walking on rugs and carpets with outdoor shoes makes it harder to remove dirt and debris from them. Walking barefoot will not do you any favors either since sweat can make dirt and debris accumulate on rug and carpet fibers. Hence, use indoor slippers or socks when walking across carpeted floors and rugs to keep them clean and moisture-free.

3. Get rid of unnecessary items

Clutter does not only make it harder to organize your home, but it also makes cleaning more complicated and time-consuming. For example, the more knick-knacks you have on your shelves, the more dust there is to clean off. And the more stuff you have in your closets, the harder it is to deep clean your home.

If you want your house to be easier to clean and organize, get rid of the things that you no longer need or want. Go through each room with a box and start purging items that only serve as clutter. Afterward, you can either give them away, sell them, or put them directly in the trash if they are no longer usable.

4. Buy easy-to-clean furniture

big L sofa

Leather is the easiest furniture material to clean, making it the most popular option among homeowners, especially those with children and pets. Synthetic leather and fabrics that are designed to be stain-resistant are also great options and might be cheaper. However, if you don’t want to buy new furniture, you can put a washable slipcover on your furniture instead.

5. Use scrubbable paint

If you have kids, you’ll know frustrating it is when your child draws on something they’re not supposed to draw on. The walls are frequent victims of kids’ artistic outputs. So to avoid having to scrub your walls raw when your child decides to draw on them with markers, repaint your walls with scrubbable paint. Other than art materials, walls with this kind of paint can withstand stains, fading, scrubbing, and moisture.

6. Ditch the drapes

Drapes collect a lot of dust and make it harder for natural light to pass through. Instead, choose light curtains that are easier to wash and dry than window coverings made from thicker materials. If there are household members that are highly allergic, opt for hypoallergenic curtains or blinds.

7. Rinse your tub and shower

After every use, give your tub and shower a little rinse to get rid of remaining suds. Doing this will help prevent soap stains and increase the amount of time between cleaning. On the other hand, you can prevent water stains by wiping the shower walls and tub with a towel after every use.

8. Clean messes immediately

Don’t let spills seep into surfaces or leave dishes unwashed. When you clean messes immediately, it is less likely for your tasks to accumulate and become more tiring later on.

9. Buy efficient cleaning tools

It is easier to clean the house if you have the right cleaning tools for every task. Invest in a more efficient vacuum cleaner, sweeper, mop, window cleaner, and other products and equipment that will make chores a breeze.

10. Get rid of the carpet

Carpets can be easily stained and are perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria. If you are tired of the upkeep, consider removing your carpet and replacing it with a flooring material that is easier to clean, such as wood or vinyl. You can always place a rug over the floor to emulate the feeling of a carpet but without much of the maintenance.

Keeping a house clean requires a lot of time and energy, but if you want to delegate these resources for more important activities, use these strategies to make your house easier to clean. In doing so, you can spend less time and effort cleaning your home but maintain the same level of cleanliness and organization.

Do you have other ideas to make household chores more manageable? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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