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Over the past couple of years, dating has become even more confusing to some people. Some people would try to build a relationship with you and then abruptly stop communicating as if nothing ever happened (also called “ghosting”). Others make plans to meet up and then cut you off completely (aka “cloaking”).

So that you can find your way throughout the world of dating, you need to learn how it works. Here are a few terms that you need to remember so that you won’t get left out in the dark once you decide to go back into the dating scene.


Career-zoned happens when a person rejects you romantically but still wants to maintain a professional relationship. It usually occurs when a person appears to be hitting on you but only wants to ask you a favor about work.

Textual chemistry

It is a connection that usually starts high on text but barely registers when in person. One example is when you had a great conversation whenever you send messages to one another. But everything changes when you met. If that’s the case, then your connection was nothing more than textual chemistry.


Orbiting has no relation with the planets or the moon. Instead, it refers to the cosmic connotation that the term implies. Orbiting is when someone ghosts you but still makes a connection with you when it comes to social media. One example of an orbiter is someone who ignores your messages but watches your IG stories. They’ll block you on messenger apps but regularly retweets your tweets.


Curving recently came into the scene a year ago as the new way of rejecting someone. People say that curving someone is letting them down without telling it to them directly. It’s almost the same with ghosting. But instead of not replying to you, a curver will take several days to respond.



Breadcrumbing is a fancy way of stringing a person along. It’s sending a benign message without any intention of continuing any conversation. It’s asking someone for a date without any plans. It’s also letting people on by making comments about how hot they look on social media but screens their phone calls.

A breadcrumber likes to use his or her brain when it comes to dating. They will intentionally leave nuggets to lead you on and think that they’re still interested. They’ll even continue to do it if they’re no longer interested. That’s why working with a Houston-based matchmaker would reduce the chances of meeting up someone who’d leave breadcrumbs for their entertainment.


Kittenfishing is a tamer version of catfishing. Unlike a catfish, a kittenfish use their profile photo taken a couple of years ago. There are times when they even post their heavily edited ones.

Going on dates can be fun. But you need to be wary about the various tactics that people use these days. The dating scene can be a jungle. So, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge so that you won’t get lost.

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