Must-try Iconic Comfort Foods Around the World

While most people rely on food to sustain them physically, many also depend on it for its comforting elements. Sometimes, food seems to know how to convey more than words could ever do.

From the greasy and delectable fish and chips in Great Britain to the savory Oden from Japan, some dishes make people feel warm and full. Whether you’re looking for something to eat during a chilly fall day or seeking to whip up something new for your next family dinner, comfort foods are the way to go.

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In the meantime, dig in and indulge in these comfort foods from across the globe for a great and delicious time.

Fish and Chips

If you’re looking to visit Great Britain for your next vacation, no trip would be complete than enjoying a genuine batch of greasy and delicious fish and chips. It’s made from battered fish and crispy fries completed with a serving of creamy tartar sauce on the side.

fish and chips

Cha Siu Bao

Cha Siu Bao is one of the most popular ‘comfort foods‘ in China, consisting of barbecue pork buns made from soft and chew dough filled with slow-roasted pork tenderloin. The meat typically gets marinated in a sweet, tangy, and savory mixture of sauces like soy and sesame—and you can find this in a Cantonese dim sum menu.

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Whether eaten entirely solo or with loved ones, fried chicken and mashed potatoes are among the Southern United States’ favorite comfort foods. The dish consists of fried chicken that’s juicy, crunch, and salty that swiftly reminds most people of their childhood, while the creamy mashed potatoes add the ‘warmth,’ completing the ‘comforting’ feeling of the dish.


The universal favorite comfort food in Russia is the Golubtsy and is widely considered as the national dish. It’s a hearty meal and loved thanks to its close resemblance to Russian mothers’ best home-cooked meals, consisting of boiled cabbage stuffed with carrots, garlic, tomatoes, pork, and ground beef. The idea behind the dish is that it should leave you feeling full like a bird, with the Russian word ‘Golub’ in its name, meaning pigeon.


Chilaquiles are typically eaten as a hearty and filling breakfast in Mexico, and these are made from tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese. Although there are different versions, chilaquiles often get added to the dish to make it even heartier—making it a filling breakfast snack to enjoy on the go. Ideally, the best corn chips for this should be at least a day old and should not be as crunchy as fresh chips.


This simple dish from Egypt has been filling up the stomachs and souls of locals for years, consisting of rice, brown lentils, chickpeas, and pasta garnished with caramelized onions and tomato sauce. Despite its straightforward recipe, the Koshary is packed with rich flavors and is considered Egypt’s national dish.


On your next trip to Greece, and if you’re looking to indulge in something savory, the Moussaka is a perfect choice. It’s a Mediterranean casserole that typically incorporates eggplants and potatoes as its main ingredients, serving the dish hot with various ‘hot’ toppings, including spices, onion, or minced lamb.


The winter comfort food that everyone adores in Japan is a hot-pot or soup with a soy sauce base and various ingredients meant to be shared with friends and family—providing warmth, delicious food, and good times. Although Oden has different variations, its common ingredients are broth, fish cake, radish, and boiled eggs.

Pão de Queijo

It can be challenging to eat cheese and bread on the go, but the Pão de Queijo from Brazil defies all rules, creating one of the best comfort foods the world has seen. This comfort dish is made from eggs, tapioca, and a generous amount of grated cheese from the Minas region, and locals typically stuff it with cream cheese or meat.


On your next trip to Amsterdam, and if you’re looking to make the most out of your cheat day, fried finger food sounds like a fantastic choice—and what better food than Bitterballen? It’s Amsterdam classic, consisting of small and round breaded croquettes that are often treated as a pre-dinner snack that you can usually find at ‘brown bars’ in the Netherlands. Bitterballen can contain virtually any filling, but the traditional ones typically have beef, veal ragout, roux, and get deep-fried until golden crisp on the outside.

Locals like to dunk their Bitterballens in creamy mustard sauce, so ensure you have enough to go around.

Inspired by the different foods from across the world, the mentioned comfort foods can bring ethnic and authentic flavors to any table, promising good food and great times.

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