Old or New? The Trouble with Buying a Vehicle

There’s still an ongoing debate between buying a used car and a new one. Some people argue that secondhand cars cost less and require lower insurance. Others say that purchasing a new one is a better choice. With all the pros and cons, it is no wonder many people end up confused about which option is better.

The question, “Should I buy a new car?” can be a tricky one. Many would even find themselves stuck in making a decision. Consider the following reasons when you find yourself in the same situation.

Price and Cost

The cost of a brand new car is relatively higher as compared to used ones. But looking at long-term value and expenses, a new ride is more worth it. If the choice is between a five-year-old sedan or a new one. You could save on price, but when it comes to maintenance, you need to pay more. With a new one, you wouldn’t have to spend as much when it comes to maintenance.


One of the reasons why you opt to buy a car is to enjoy the convenience and comfort. But if you buy a used car, it might let you down. Some people have complained about breakdowns while on the road. But if you choose a new one, you’ll less likely experience any of these. You need a car that can get you to where you want safely and with no trouble.

Resale Value

A quick visit to a car dealership in Newmarket or other places in Auckland could help you find new models that have better resale value. Unless it’s a classic vintage, used cars often depreciate quickly. So if you’re thinking of reselling it, expect the resale price to go lower than the average range. Sometimes, you might not even get half of what you’ve spent on it. But you can get a better deal when you sell your used but new car.


couple buying a new carA new car outperforms most used vehicles, mainly because the engine and all the other components are still in good condition. The car’s mileage is still within the average limit of 15,000 to 25, 000. Check the batteries, the oil, and even the upholstery. All these could affect how the vehicle runs, and a used vehicle may have more problems when it comes to performance.

No Shady History

This is the most significant advantage of a new car. You don’t have to worry about what the car went through before your ownership. Many people often sell used vehicles because of serious damage from accidents, collisions, and even improper maintenance. All this could affect a car’s appearance and its performance, so it’s best to check a car’s history before buying it.

Both used and new vehicles can be good investments, but it all depends on how much money and maintenance you can spend. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, it’s better to pick a brand new car. If you have a tight budget, you could choose a pre-owned vehicle. But make sure to check it to know its history and condition.

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