Pre-Wedding Jitters: What You and Your Partner Should Do

Pre-wedding jitters are usually the result of the anxiety that a couple feels because of the preparations leading to the big day. Most couples dream to have a perfect wedding, so it is only natural that they want everything to go according to plan. This, however, causes most of them to feel anxious about the event.

Attention to detail is a must if a couple desires a picture-perfect day. With the help of wedding planners, the engaged couple can thoroughly discuss what it is they want for their celebration. These discussions may ultimately cause more pre-wedding jitters, though, especially if both halves of the engaged pair have strong personalities. Since both persons wish to have their visions come to life, it is understandable if they argue their case.

There may be fights about big things such as finding a country wedding venue in Minnesota. Or, it can also be about the little things, like the color scheme or even flower arrangements for the tables at the reception.

During these trying times, it should be remembered that wedding planning sometimes brings out the worst in people. This has been proven to be true by the countless bridezilla stories that people have shared over the media.

Managing Your Fears

Should brief arguments continue to persist, it is likely that graver fears may start to surface. Anxieties caused by the marriages that we have become familiar with, like our parents’, may affect how we perceive the future of our relationship to be. After all, many of us consider our parents’ marriage to be the benchmark of either a successful marriage or a failed one.

These fears can be placated by a close friend. Maybe a parent, who can explain that while existing marriages can be made into blueprints by future married couples, it does not mean that they all end up the same.

If not a friend or family, the partner themselves can talk it out with their spouse-to-be. This is the most ideal situation, since worries from both persons can be talked out, and they can make promises and plans that they can work to keep.

Avoiding Cold Feet

happy couple

But there are times, however, that no communication occurs. This can result in pre-wedding jitters turning into cold feet on the day of the wedding.

Films with happy resolutions can guarantee that the feet are adequately warmed up near the end of the story. The woman (or man), after much introspection, realizes that she truly wants to marry her significant other. And she does. Vows will be spoken, and a kiss, or maybe multiple kisses, will be shared.

However, not everything ends with a grand celebration. Sometimes, wedding venues that have been booked do not get to be used the way that they have been intended to. There will be no walks down the aisle, and an occasion that was meant to be joyful may instead lead to numerous heartbreaks.

The best course of action to take here is to discuss issues with your partner. Support each other in managing your anxieties.

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