Europe: Pushing the Frontiers of Medical Tourism

In 2020, the value of Europe’s medical tourism market is a staggering USD 6.11 billion, making it one of the continent’s highest-earning industries. Some of the factors that added to the continued growth of this market are an improvement in the mobility of medical insurance and the availability of conventional healthcare techniques.

In addition to that, Europe is also known for maintaining high-quality local international standards. Other factors that propelled Europe to the top are reasonable treatment costs, shorter wait time, as well as medical and technological advances. Without further ado, here are the countries that are making the European medical tourism market globally competitive.


For many decades now, Hungary has been a popular destination for foreigners seeking wellness treatments and medical attention. In particular, this European hot spot is known for having the highest number per capita of dentists than any other country worldwide. For many northern Europeans and westerners, going to Hungary for medical dentistry means paying almost 50% to 80% less than what they will pay at home.

Currently, there is a total number of more than 6,000 dentists in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Clinics are also emerging in neighboring towns near the Austrian border. Another city that plays a significant role is Mosonmagyarorvar, a town that has set a world record by having the highest density of dental practices per capita.

Another popular treatment in Hungary is spa therapy. Tourists come here to experience thermal water which encompasses 80% of the country. Hungary has a total of 1,453 springs, 40 spa hotels, and 98 accredited spas. Budapest alone boasts 123 natural, outdoor springs and open-air thermal aqua parks.


Because of its high potential, the Polish government is now diverting some of its resources to promote the country as a prime medical tourism destination. Most of the patients that go her are from Scandinavia, the USA, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany. The most used services here are in the fields of dentistry, plastic surgery, and obesity treatment. When it comes to cost, medical services in Poland are around 50% cheaper than in Western Europe.

Poland prides itself on being able to deliver high-quality services from physicians that received education and training in western countries. One of the top medical institutions here is LUX Med, a member of the BUPA international healthcare group. It one of the leading hospitals in the country in the field of plastic surgery. Some doctors in LUX Med are also proud members of the World and European Association of Plastic



Despite the recent global economic issues, Spain remains to be one of the most famous medical tourism destinations in Europe. It boasts a sophisticated healthcare system that offers internationally competitive medical services in high-quality facilities. Currently, Spain has a total of more than 800 hospitals manned by 450,000 doctors and nurses that are under the supervision of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Most of the tourists that go to Spain for medical reasons are from North Africa, Middle East, and the British Isles. It is estimated that that services here are cheaper by 30% to 70% than the price they pay for in their home countries. The most common medical services foreigners avail in Spain are:

  • Fertility treatments
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Elective Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery and Neurology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Obesity Surgery

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has always had a booming medical tourism industry. One of the main reasons behind this is that this country is known for having some of the world’s best surgeons. Every year, thousands of patients go to Prague for medical services such as dental treatments, plastic surgery, and fertility treatment. The top medical facilities in the capital are:

  • Prague Fertility Center – fertility treatments
  • Refractive Center Prague – Ophthalmology and Eye surgery
  • AGEL – multiple specialty
  • Aura Medical Clinic S.R.O – Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Canadian Medical Care – multiple specialty
  • Cellthera S.R.O – Cancer treatment and Oncology
  • CENESTO – multiple specialty
  • Elite Dental – dentistry

The Czech Republic is also known for giving extreme importance to patient’s safety by giving an urgent and top diagnosis. The country also has an incomparable technology that is being used in various fields of medicine. Aside from having zero wait time, it is also convenient to go to Prague because a majority of healthcare professionals are fluent in speaking English, thus minimizing the language barrier.

The global medical industry has improved significantly over the past decades, thanks to the help of continuous technological innovations. Patients now have the freedom to seek medical advice, get treated, and even remotely contact their physician anytime they deem necessary thru professional telehealth pain management services.

Along with many things, medical tourism will keep evolving, making the delivery of healthcare services around the world faster and more efficient. There is so much more to look forward to.

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