Simple Ways to Protect Your Jewelry

When you own jewelry, you want to ensure their safety. While you usually only take them out on special occasions, they will need to be in a safe place in the meantime. Here are some tips on how to store your jewelry right:

Have Proper Storage Solutions

One of the first steps is to have a proper place for your jewelry. Don’t leave it in your bedroom cabinet. You need to get a proper safe with secure locks. It is not enough to put your jewels in a safe. You need to protect the pieces when they are inside their boxes, too. Lay them on cushioned boxes so that they won’t get scratched or damaged. Additionally, you have to protect your pieces from humidity. The water in the air can corrode clasps and damage gems. Buy silica packets to help absorb the moisture in the small space.

Get Moving Storage

There are times when you will want to travel with your pieces. For this, you will need a special storage option. Pick something that will keep your pieces steady so that they will be safe from scratches. Proper padding is also important. You need a good lock so that thieves can’t open it with ease.

Store the Same Jewels Together

One habit you that you need to develop is organization. For example, start putting all of your rings in the same box. This makes it easier to organize your jewelry since they are all in one place. Label the boxes so that you don’t have to open them all to find what you want.

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Know Proper Care Methods

Learn proper care procedures for your jewelry and other pieces. For example, watches need special care because of their delicate mechanisms. If one gear rusts or corrodes, it can break the piece. Additionally, you need to keep the clasps in good condition so that they won’t get lost.

Even diamonds need special care. For example, Swiss promise rings that have prominent diamonds need regular cleaning. Only use a mild detergent to prevent damage. Check the mountings also to ensure that they are secure. This stops diamonds from falling off your jewelry. Additionally, storing diamonds requires you to arrange them in neat rows. That way, they won’t scratch other pieces. Finally, ask your jeweler for some advice on how to care for your pieces so that you can maximize them. Some pieces might need special care.

Have Everything Insured

Bad things can happen, so you need to protect your jewels from them. In case of theft or damage, you need to have your jewels insured. Jewelry insurance is available in many insurance companies. Combine this with a proper appraisal and inventory. That way, you can memorize the contents of your jewelry collection.

In the end, if you want to preserve your valuable jewelry, the tips above can be a big help. You don’t want your jewels to be damaged or stolen. Although proper protection needs constant effort, it is well worth the effort.

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