Sports That Showcase Speed and Power

For many, the measure of a person’s fitness lies in their physical abilities. If they are able to display their strength and endurance in an activity, they are considered to be at the prime of their health. There are many sports that can take advantage of this trait, chief among them weightlifting. The whole muscular system should work in overdrive as the athlete lifts a barbell that is fitted with plates that could weigh hundreds of kilos in total. But if you want to be more well-rounded, you can introduce another sport that will test your speed and agility. These are activities that will make a Stalker radar beep when you pass by.

If you think you want to develop your strength and speed, you can check out these sports that showcase the two traits.


You have to get a grip on your racket and be nimble on your feet when you play tennis. This is a sport that requires you to master controlling the ball, and it is not as easy as you think. The court is almost 80 feet long, so it takes some serious muscle if you want to make the ball go to the other end of it. You do that while you maintain a frantic pace to chase that down when it gets returned to your side.

Your opponent, of course, will find a way to make things hard for you. If you want to hit the ball, you will not do it while you are stationary. You have to work hard for that, and that means that your legs have to keep up with how fast it bounces around the court. You will be required to run from end to end, or twist your body so you can make those sudden turns.


When it comes to baseball, you can display your strength as a batter or a pitcher. Hit the ball as hard as you can when you step up to the batting plate. Getting it out in the middle of the field will give you the time to land on all the bases on the diamond. If you see that there is a scramble to get the ball, make sure to run full speed ahead. You do not want to have that reach you when someone catches it, or else your effort will be for naught and all that running you just did will not be converted to a score.

On the flip side, pitchers can make life a living hell for batters. Theirs is a more psychological game, as they employ fake outs or poker-face tactics to keep the batters guessing on where the ball goes. Other than all of those actions, you will be doing a lot of running too whether you are out there on the field or you are at one of the diamond’s bases and waiting for a window of opportunity.


American Football

Whether you are talking about the American kind or just plain soccer, football is a sport where you need brawn and speed to succeed.

If you are playing American football, you already know how it is a heavy contact sport. Professional athletes train for years to get their bodies tough enough to face the opposing team, whose members are charging towards you with the intention of slamming you to the ground. Getting past them requires amazing agility and reflexes, otherwise, you will be required to face the music and either mow over them or get tackled.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. Players would jostle over the ball in the hopes of landing a goal. The field would be about 120 yards in length, and there is a lot of running and kicking involved. If you are within striking distance of the goal post, a strong and accurate kick should be enough for you to score a point.

Strength and speed are two very different abilities that are always entertaining to see when used in high-level competitions. If you participate in these sports, you are guaranteed to give your body quite the workout. What is great about that is they push your body and abilities to the limit, but they do not focus on the same parts. You will end up making your body fitter all around.

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