Straighten teeth with removable aligners

There are many questions that people can have when it comes to straightening their teeth with removable, clear aligners. Otherwise known as Invisalign in Sheffield, this treatment system is loved by millions around the world and can create fast, stunning results for a variety of orthodontic cases.

So by speaking with a dentist who has been trained in this treatment system, patients are able to discover for themselves the advantages that his treatment can offer. With its advanced scanning technology, patients are able to see with their own eyes the changes that they can expect, getting them enthusiastic and excited for the treatment journey ahead.

Because these aligners are removable, they are much more adaptable to an individual’s lifestyle as well. Being clear and therefore relatively invisible, both teenagers and adults can confidently straighten their teeth without concern about judgement or criticism.

Even though many people understand and respect the need to straighten teeth, there can still be a stigma around the process. This is widely understood, however dentists appreciate how individuals can feel if they are needing to use a device to correct the alignment of their teeth.

Why do people judge others who need braces?

It may be because having imperfect teeth is generally understood to be a social status issue rather than a genetic one. People who cannot afford appropriate dental care do sometimes have teeth that are crooked. This could be because of poor oral health during youth. However it can also be due to genetics or other factors out of a person’s control such as thumb sucking during infancy or an injury in early life.

Fixing the issue is the solution, but it can still make people feel uncomfortable. Teenagers find it difficult during this stage of their lives anyway and some professional adults may feel that they are compromising their short term career goals by having this treatment done.

So by choosing a removable, invisible aligner, patients do not need to alter their lifestyles in order to get that smile they are looking for. They are able to remove their aligners for a couple of hours every day, in order to eat without limitations, to feel more in control of the experience.

As long as they wear the device for at least 20 hours each day, they can expect to see the results that were shown to them at the initial stages of the treatment with the unique scanning software that is available.

BracesBe aware of other factors

It is important to be prepared, so by understanding other people’s journeys as they straighten their teeth with this device, patients can prepare themselves for any potential unknowns. Because they are removable, a couple of hours a day goes by quickly during mealtimes shortening the wearing time. Don’t expect to have a few hours a day that can be without the aligners simply for pleasure, they should be worn at all possible times.

Oral hygiene for patients is generally increased as it is essential to clean teeth before reapplying the device, unless a person wants horrible bad breath. Water and saliva usually wash away food debris but when teeth are covered, they need to be kept clean to avoid a build-up of bad bacteria.


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