The Best Food to Order on Romantic Dates

If you’re planning a romantic date, ordering the right foods can make all the difference in how it turns out, enhancing the dining experience while setting up the mood until the actual big day when you present your diamond wedding band for her, making it truly a night to remember.

No matter what kind of food you usually prefer or what type of date you’re going to, below are some delicious and romantic suggestions that ensure you’re ordering the perfect meal for two.

Unique Appetizer

Appetizers are what determine how your night is going to go with your date. So, instead of sticking with standard appetizers like dips and chips, try something unique. You can choose anything out-of-the-box, like octopus and something you and your date have never tried before. Plus, it can be a great conversation starter, making your date memorable and more fun.


Since red meat can make you bloated after a date and fish can make you smell—fishy, chicken is a great entrée option. Plus, most restaurants offer a chicken dish on their menus. Make sure to go light on the sauce if their meals have some, or ask them to serve them separately on the sides to avoid getting into any mishaps.


Sushi is one of the easiest and mess-free meals you can order on a romantic date. It’s clean and beautiful, and as long as you know how to use chopsticks, it makes a fantastic first date option. You don’t need to worry about spillage if you’re cautious with your movements and seldomly use soy sauce. Plus, ginger, which is often paired with sushi dishes on the side, is excellent for digestion, calming your stomach if you have the jitters on your romantic date.

It also offers a broad range of options, so even if your date is vegan or the thought of eating raw fish freaks them out, you can still find a type of sushi that works for both of you.



The best main course for any meal on a romantic date is steak. Steaks are the perfect dish to share for two if you both don’t have a big appetite, saving you money while building your bond better. An adequately cooked and high-quality cut of meat can be a great highlight of your meal and a quality dish for any special occasion. If you’re splitting, ensure your order is prepared the way both of you enjoy. Sharing steaks or any other entrée is a fun part of a romantic evening.


Oysters as appetizers are a fantastic way to start any meal. They’re a delicious delicacy that doubles as an aphrodisiac, meaning they’re perfect for any romantic date. Ordering fresh and raw oysters for both of you two share guarantees a romantic mood throughout your evening. Moreover, if you haven’t tried oysters before, it can be a fun adventure for you and your date. Make sure to eat neatly! Oysters are notorious for being slippery, so be cautious of that.


What better way to wrap up your date than with a sweet treat? Make sure to get something that both of you can enjoy together, whether it’s a cake or ice cream—sharing is a creative way to build a bond during a romantic evening. However, if you want to make it memorable, a great dessert to indulge in is chocolate, boosting both of your serotonin levels, making you two happy for the rest of the night. You can also opt for the classic strawberries dipped in chocolate for the best romantic experience.

Although there aren’t any ‘wrong’ food items to order on a date, the ones mentioned can help you stay clean and comfortable throughout the date. That allows you to look your best and impress your partner.

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