The Sentimental Value of Handwritten Letters and Notes

E-mails and instant messaging may have brought a lot of conveniences and faster communication processes, but we can't deny the fact that handwritten letters have a different impact on our lives. It may not be suitable for business purposes anymore, but in our personal lives, it can stimulate many heart-warming emotions that may boost relationships. 

Thankfully, letter-writing products and greeting cards did not cease to exist in the market. Many crafting and decorating suggestions are all over the internet. There are companies that offer decorating items for letters and greeting cards, such as decorative stamps to make people's ideas for Stampin' Up! cards come to life. 

In today's modern society where the closest thing we get to a handwritten letter is a birthday or Christmas greeting card, let's take a moment to see how the practice of sending heartfelt handwritten letters can affect us positively.

The Pleasure of Receiving Letters

Woman reading a letter she receivedSending and receiving handwritten letters feels more real in a sense that the words written on the letter echoes their voices more realistically, more than digital messages could ever do.

Seeing familiar penmanship brings a nervous excitement to the letter's recipient. Because it's something that is not often done, the receiver experiences a thrill that's unparalleled by receiving texts or chat messages.

Writing letters take more effort, which is reflected in the letter itself, felt by the recipient. Before you write a letter, you choose good stationery, think of all the words carefully without the options of "delete" or "undo", stamp the letter, and then go out of your way to drop it into the mailbox. Going through this ordeal proves just how much the sender cares for the recipient. We are always so busy in our daily lives that this simple act is interpreted as an extraordinary effort. 

The Impact Lasts Longer

Man and woman writing letter

Writing by hand is associated with brain development and cognition, as studies say. It increases neural activity more than typing does. It's part of the reason why in schools, students are required to write notes and read books to learn more effectively. The information obtained through personally written notes stores in the brain more effectively.

Creativity and other senses can also be enhanced through writing letters or note cards by hand. Writing, in general, utilizes our visual, motor, and cognitive brain activities. It requires more work and concentration, making us connect our minds with each word with undivided attention.

Hand-writing letters can help you communicate more authentically. It would reflect in little flaws such as erasures and misspellings, which actually aren't that bad. It only shows how raw every thought and emotion is. For this reason, you'd be able to think more clearly as you write the letter, as you only get one chance to do it.

Lastly, and most importantly, handwritten letters honor old traditions. The people that came before us only communicated through it, and when we do the same, it helps us appreciate the effort behind handwritten letters even more. On top of that, we can collect and preserve these letters more easily than digital ones. Letters and postcards serve as great memorabilia, something that we can show to future generations, just like how our parents and grandparents have shown us their stash.

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