Top 3 States to Visit This Summer 2021

Well, 2021 seems more like it. After last year, when we seem to be caught off-guard battered by the virus, we’re in a better place now.  People are more upbeat these days. With summer just a few weeks more, there’s plenty of talk of getting into a trip adventure. Why not? New York State, for one, is happily reopening restaurants and bars to full capacity.

And if that’s not a good sign, here’s more. Vaccines are pouring in America. Presently, over 127 million people have been fully vaccinated in the Land of the Brave. And that means lifting of bans in several states.

To date, out of the 50 states, more than half are currently open and unrestricted for movements of people. People are glad they can finally go out and have fun with friends. Those that have long-standing travel plans can now actualize them.

Indeed, if you’ve always wanted a trip since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s no better opportunity than now. Summer is knocking at America’s doors, and mind you traveling in summer is never a dull adventure. If you don’t know where to go, here are 3 states that you can give you enormous boasting rights after your visit.



Right off the bat, know Alaska is a treasure trove of jaw-dropping sites. To note, the population density of Alaska is around 1.28 people per square mile. Already, it is one of the states frequently visited by tourists before the pandemic. To note, about 2.26 million people had plans of visiting Alaska in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, those plants had to be shelved.

In Alaska, there are about 8 national parks and 119 state parks. The state is composed of land about 35,826,051 acres in size. Indeed, Alaska is a big city with a string of delightful places you can visit.

Truth be told, it will be impossible to visit every wonderful place in Alaska. So plan ahead. Choose parks and locations you’d love to see.

One place you should visit is the Denali National park. This park is the third largest National park in the U.S. Its peak is about 20,310 feet above sea level. Thus making it the highest mountain in North America. Another good spot is Tongass National Forest (this is if you will be flying to Juneau). It’s home to some of the most beautiful glacial scenery on the whole planet.

And yes, Alaska is one of the states in the U.S that has fully reopened. So no worries about stores and restaurants. It’s a place where you can have as much fun as you want.



Another city to consider is Maine. The population density of this city is 43.78 people per square mile. Just before the pandemic, about 16 million tourists visited. And even during the pandemic, around 12 million people still came to the city. Imagine that.

To date, it has 1 national park and 83 state parks. With a size of 774,075 acres, Maine is a large county.

To boot, Kennebunkport is one place to visit when you are in Maine. For one, you’d have your heart’s fill of beaches. A visit to the place will certainly give you those pictures that will make your office colleagues drool in envy.

For starters, there is also Acadia National Park which is like three hours away from Portland. It is less than ten miles away from Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.

You can also enjoy the 100 miles of hiking trails while there. There is also the Cadillac Mountain in Acadia. This place is known to be the highest level in the North Atlantic seaboard.

Maine is also one of the states on the path to a full reopening. So you won’t be restricted when you go there.

Come to think of it, Maine offers so much in terms of places to visit you might want to stay for longer. Well, if you choose to transfer your address and relocate, you may need more than just your car to do so. Getting the services of local movers should bid you well. Not only can these professionals do it with ease, but also you’ll see your things transferred safely in a jiffy.


joshua tree

Last but not least is California, with 252.74 people per square mile. It is a city frequently visited by tourists. As of 2020, the total number of visits here was about 140.6 million. And that is about half the number of tourists that visited in 2019. Think about that.

California is a haven for tourists. It has 9 national parks and 270 state parks. For starters, you can check out Joshua tree, Santa Monica Mountains, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, National Recreation Area, and Cabrillo National Monument. All these are within 200 miles of the Joshua tree. So once you locate the Joshua tree, you can take a look at all these other places without having to travel long distances.

California isn’t fully open yet, but many places are accessible. So it’s definitely not a problem for you if you visit the city.

Still, err on the side of safety. Remember to stick to the CDC guidelines while traveling. When everyone’s safe, traveling is double the fun.

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