Travel 101: Items to Pack in Your Carry-on Luggage

Travel is slowly making its way back into the spotlight. Successful vaccination rollout programs continue across the UK, which has resulted in the easing of government restrictions like lockdowns. Likewise, other countries have also been effective in battling the global pandemic allowing them to reopen their borders to accept tourists.

This all means that you might soon be able to fulfill your wanderlust fairly soon. 2021 is set to be the year for you to rest and recover after experiencing immense amounts of stress and anxiety due to the health crisis. The demand for travel will surely skyrocket in the post-pandemic world. After all, everyone is craving to escape from monotony after being cooped up inside their homes for more than a year.

Pack Your Bags

Of course, a part of the thrill of traveling also comes in the form of preparing all of your things for a flight. Proper packing is considered a skill in itself, especially for your carry-on luggage, which can prove difficult to master. Including all the necessary items in your carry-on luggage will definitely determine how seamless your airport and in-flight experiences will be.

If you haven’t been able to travel recently, particularly because of all the restrictions around the global pandemic, then you must’ve also lost your touch with the art of packing. Well, there’s no need to worry. It happens to the best of us. Here is a list of all must-haves you should pack in your carry-on luggage to make all of your flights comfortable, especially if you’re going to fly internationally.


Regardless of where you’re flying to, it’s no secret that you’ll be sitting for an extended period both in the airport and on the plane. This can significantly inhibit blood from circulating your lower body, leading to more serious issues like blood clotting.

You should definitely include a handheld massager in your carry-on luggage for this particular reason. This will aid circulation in your legs and other areas you feel might be getting sore after being seated for quite a while.

Insulated, Reusable Bottle

insulated bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is also another crucial matter that most travelers often neglect. It’s important to note that you can get dehydrated much quicker on airplanes because the air can get extremely thin and dry as your altitude rises.

In this light, you should consider packing a reusable water bottle with you to prevent dehydration. While drink services are available in-flight, you will still have to wait for it to begin before being able to ask for a beverage. Having a water bottle of your own will be helpful if you get thirsty before they start offering drinks. It’s also more sustainable since in-flight drinks are served in disposable plastic cups.

Disinfecting Items

The global pandemic is sure to leave a few lasting effects on everybody even after it’s come to pass. This is especially true for travel since planes and airports can be covered with germs and bacteria given the volume of people that passes through them.

Coming from the context of a health crisis, always bring a pack of disinfecting wipes in your carry-on luggage along with other sanitary items like a small hand sanitizer. After all, you wouldn’t want to catch a cold or any other sickness that could ruin what should’ve been a fun and relaxing vacation.

Travel Pillow

Depending on which class you’re flying in, airplane seats are not exactly the most comfortable chairs in the world. This can prove to be extremely stressful, especially during long-haul flights when you’re trying to sleep. Your ultimate goal for any flight is to achieve maximum comfort.

In this case, you should definitely pack a travel pillow for all of your flights. It’s not just for sleeping but to have a more comfortable in-flight experience overall. This is often overlooked because it can take up too much space in your carry-on luggage, but other options have eliminated this issue.

Change the Scenery

woman sleeping

For now, the implementation of international travel is understandably still being considered. The country entered its third national lockdown at the beginning of January 2021, which permitted essential travel. However, the government has recently announced its international travel traffic light system that categorizes limited international destinations in different colors.

This is something you should also consider when booking your next international travel destination. Each color indicates different testing and quarantining guidelines when you return to the UK. On the other hand, travel within England, Scotland, and Wales has already been allowed. Regardless, start packing and get ready to spend your summer holidays elsewhere.

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