Utah: The Top Locations for Family Getaways

Utah is a beautiful state that prides itself with an agreeable business climate and competent labor pool. If you’re a resident of Utah, you’re probably already aware of how thriving its economic condition is. However, while commercial industries are generally what makes the state well-known, it’s also kid-friendly. Thus, if you’re looking for a great place to have a family getaway, there’s no need to travel far. Here are some location recommendations for family trips:

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is famous among outdoor adventurers. Accordingly, the area is visited by an estimated two million people every year. It’s also a staple part of itineraries for desert southwest travels, along with The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and five National Parks of Utah. Moreover, this man-made reservoir features a shoreline with an expanse of 2,000 miles. Due to this vastness, houseboating is extremely popular in Lake Powell. Watersports are also prevalent in the area, making it an ideal location for a family vacation during the summer.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has plenty of amazing destinations to offer depending on your interest and choice of activity. If you want a worthwhile and educational trip for your children, pay a visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah. This five-story museum showcases a remarkable display of paleontology covering various time periods of the state’s history. Moreover, you’ll be awed by its looming display of dinosaur fossils, such as the Allosaurus and other types of native species.
kayak at lake Powell

Bear Lake

One of Bear Lake’s most endearing characteristics is its intensely blue waters, which earned it the nickname “The Caribbean of the Rockies.” First-time visitors often marvel at the breathtaking hue of this lake, which is actually caused by the suspension of limestone deposits that get reflected in the surface. The area is a wonderful location for family retreats as it offers multiple fun activities that cater to every age group, such as fishing, sailing, water skiing, boating, and swimming. Additionally, there’s a number of cultural and recreational activities all year round that vary depending on the season.
As for accommodation, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can set up tents at a campground adjacent to the lake. There are also lots of resorts with room packages, as well as condo units and cabins for rent near Bear Lake.

Bryce Canyon

This national park is home to majestic rock formations called “hoodoos,” which serve as its central attraction. In addition, if you’re not comfortable with letting your kids wander around amidst large crowds, Bryce Canyon is perfect for you.
The area is visited by about 1.5 million people each year, which is drastically fewer compared with the Grand Canyon’s five million annual visitors. Bryce Canyon’s location is also quite remote as it’s tucked inside rural Garfield County. If you want to enjoy a night of stargazing while camping outdoors, the park’s sky has a lot to offer. Due to the low level of light pollution in the area, astronomy lovers are able to witness an estimated 7,500 stars without the use of a telescope.
Utah is a strong contender in terms of family-friendly destinations. To make the most of your trip, it’s best to create an itinerary and contact every establishment included in your stops to avoid any inconveniences and unexpected occurrences.

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