Ways to Make Your House a Senior-Friendly Home

The health industry has many opportunities for business, and home care is one of them. Taking care of people must be your passion if you want to make an in-home care franchise investment. What you will be getting into there is not just a business but also a purpose. The elderly had cared for us when we were younger, and it is only right to repay them by taking care of them in their twilight years.

You may have seniors living at your home, like your grandma or grandpa. It is great to have them, but there are ways you can make them more comfortable. Here are the things you can do to make your home more friendly to the elderly.

Install a Stairlift

Some older folks are still very energetic and mobile. They are the ones who can walk a reasonable distance without a sweat. But many now move slower and have difficulty climbing the stairs. Walking on an incline can be challenging for younger folks and much more so for adults. Rather than risk exhaustion and injury, consider installing a stairlift in your house. It will have your loved one sit on a chair attached to a railing that will bring them to the upper floor of the house. This lift can also accommodate wheelchairs.

Get Wheelchairs

It is wise to have at least one wheelchair around the house. Many elder folks have mobility issues. It is best if they have the means to move around the house comfortably instead of relying on their own bodies. If they need to do something urgent, like going to the bathroom, a wheelchair will take them there quicker. There’s also a sense of freedom in going to any place you want at any time. A wheelchair can somehow give that feeling back to them.

Signaling and Communications Devices

Senior couple in front of their new house

Much like the motor skills, your breathing abilities also deteriorate as you age. Your lungs will not be as strong as it was in your prime, and this can also affect your vocal skills. You may be able to shout and call someone who is far away from you now, but you will have a difficult time with that when you grow old. For the seniors in your home, you can help them by installing various signaling and communications devices around the house. A simple chime they can activate with the push of a button can do. Whenever they need help with something, they do not have to exert as much effort to call you. You can also have communications devices, like intercoms or radios, in different rooms. These will enable you to talk to each other in situations where you are separated from each other.

Growing old has its merits. It is a sign that you have weathered the ways of the world, making you stronger and wiser than anyone else. But it’s undeniable that the body will not be the same as when it was younger. That is what you should think about when you are with your loved ones. Know that they will need you in the future and assure them that you will take care of them.

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