What’s the Best Meat to Get at a BBQ?

Few things are better than a great barbecue you can share with friends and family. According to Thrillist, the word “barbecue” originated in 1733, which makes it a centuries-old concept that has stood the test of time. No matter the reason, if you like BBQ food, you’ll love these great meats for your next BBQ.

Pork or Turkey Sandwiches

Simple foods can be great foods when they’re grilled to add some smoky flavor. Pork or turkey sandwiches are always delicious, especially when pulled with quality condiments and sauces. Porky’s BBQ offers a wide array of sandwiches for you to choose from that are always full of flavor.

Pork and Beef Ribs

Barbecue ribs are perennial favorites when it comes to BBQ food. Some might prefer beef ribs, and others might prefer pork ribs, but virtually all love BBQ ribs that are tender, mouthwatering, and taste great. Porky’s BBQ offers both full-slab and half-slab smoked ribs, so you can opt for the right size for your meal. We even offer a smoked ribs and chicken combo, so you can rest assured that you can have the best of both worlds when you come and dine with us.

Chicken Wings, Drumsticks, and Partials

Chicken tastes great when grilled and smothered in barbecue sauce and delicious seasoning. Customers especially love wings and drumsticks. You also might try half a whole chicken, which is very filling and delicious. Our BBQ food at Porky’s is also incredibly juicy and tender, and our slow-cooking methods add an extra smoky flavor to our chicken that’s second to none.


Brisket smells great while cooking and tastes even better when cooked with a smoky flavor. We also marinate our brisket to infuse it with more flavor and give it a more unique taste. The best part about BBQing brisket and other meats is the fat cooks off and leaves a better, tastier, and more tender taste that you and your friends and family will enjoy eating whether you’re celebrating an event or simply going out for a great meal.

If you’re looking for a fantastic spot to enjoy quality, delicious BBQ food, look no further than Porky’s BBQ. For more information about our menu items, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

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