5 Most Popular Wedding Venues for 2019

Perhaps one of the most gruelling parts of wedding planning is choosing the location for your special day. Can’t decide on the best wedding venue for you and your future spouse? This guide will inspire you with the five best wedding locations for 2019.

There are many places where you can hold a wedding. Some are traditional while others are a bit more out-of-the-box ideas.

1. Chateaus

If you look for French chateau engagement and wedding packages on the Internet, you’re going to see some of the fanciest wedding venues out there. Chateaus are popular wedding venues not only because they are elegant and will make your wedding look something from a fairy tale, but most chateaus offer wedding packages that make things a whole lot easier for you and the wedding party. Aside from the regal aesthetics of chateaus, the prestigious greenery will make your wedding photos look magnificent.

2. Restaurants

Restaurants are excellent venues for wedding receptions because they are fully equipped with tables, chairs, and decor. Since most restaurants can only hold a certain number of people, wedding receptions are bound to be intimate. If you and your future spouse prefer a smaller guest count and top-notch food for your menu, booking a restaurant venue is the way to go.

3. Hotels

wedding reception at a hotel

If you are holding a wedding in a city that’s a bit far from your guests, having your wedding at a hotel will be more convenient for everyone. The wedding party and your guests can stay on-site, reducing the hassle of transportation. Most hotels offer a lot of ballroom options, too, so you can have freedom of choice. Moreover, if your guest count is a bit large, hotels can accommodate a significant number of guests without much hassle.

4. Parks and Gardens

Are you dreaming of a nature wedding for your big day? A beautiful park or garden is the best way to maximize the natural beauty of the place. You wouldn’t need a lot of additional decor when holding the wedding outdoors, which will take a big chunk out of your expenses. However, an outdoor wedding requires proper planning to keep bad weather from ruining your day. It also helps to have a backup plan just in case the weather turns grim.

5. Airbnb

If you want to have a lot more options than the traditional venues that your wedding planner suggests, browsing through Airbnb can show you a variety of places for rent. In Airbnb, you can find ranches, cabins, lake or beach houses, suites, or estates that are available for rent. Costs for these locations are significantly lower than traditional wedding venues, so going for an Airbnb can really help couples with limited budgets.

Additional tips to save money on your wedding venue

  • Don’t book on peak days or seasons
  • Limit your guest list, so you can book a smaller space
  • Have the ceremony and reception done at the same venue
  • Do your research to compare prices and options

Weddings are stressful to plan but with the right options to point you in the right direction, your big day is bound to be magical, but with less stress and expenses.

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