The Best of America’s Favorite Comfort Foods

America is known for various things that made Americans popular over the years. But while other countries think that the food here is mostly sourced from fast-food chains, American comfort food offers a rich blend of culture, customs, and tradition

And while nothing beats a thorough counseling session for serious emotional or psychological issues, indulging in a serving of your favorite dish still would remind you of happy moments, warm cuddles, and cozy home ambiance.

When we say “comfort food” it can be anything from one-dish dinners such as pot roast beef, homemade pizza to hearty and healthy soups such as pumpkin soup, or chicken soup for a cold and weary day. Here are some of the top favorites, by Americans and people around the world that can be considered as America’s comfort foods.

Homemade Pizza

A good number of Americans claim that grandma-style home made-pizza brings utmost comfort for them. It’s understandable, grandmas are often associated with love, affection, and of course, delicious food. Home-cooked pizzas are those that get cooked in the usual baking sheet, made thin crust, and filled with family favorite toppings. It can be anything from pepperoni, onions, red sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

For many, pizzas can be anything from snacks to dinners, and personalizing it the way you want it makes it even an even more comforting dish to have whenever you feel down.

Pumpkin Soup

During the times that you are not feeling well, your mother often prepares soups that are so hearty. Soups are soothing, healthy and give you a delicious feeling of relief. Whether it’s from the flu, growing pains or you want a bowl of soothing hot food, roasted pumpkin soup is one of the best choices to serve. You can use any type of squash or pumpkin that is available in your area. Mix in some chickpeas, shallots, and a whole lot of herbs and spices. It is also a great recipe if you want to keep some in your freezer to thaw some in the future.

Macaroni and Cheese

As kids, you love having macaroni and cheese dishes. Every family in America has its own recipe and it is influenced by the local culture and traditions. Some have become quite experimental in making theirs extra special and decadent. So you can find macaroni and cheese recipes using not one or two, but three or more types of cheeses! People who grew up with mac and cheese as constants in their kitchens will be happy to explore melty, gooey, and extra-cheesy scoops of all-American favorite comfort food.



Burgers are indisputably a crowd favorite when asked what their favorite comfort food is. It is a classic dish that can be as simple or as complex as it can be. It can have ranch flavors, bacon, or some pineapple for some Hawaiian twists. There are burger specialties in every state or region. Around the world, this American comfort food has also conquered lands and was customized to carry some of the local flavors. Every now and then, people would seek out their favorite diner to get a taste of this well-loved dish.


There are different ways and ingredients to create a chili recipe, but in essence, it is a thick stew of meat, beans, onions, chili peppers, and species in a thick tomato sauce base. Americans have been preparing and consuming in countless ways – from the classic to one with spicy peppers and distinctive flavor mixes. All across the U.S., chili cooking competitions happen as home cooks have high hopes of introducing their recipes to the masses. And although it is traditionally served with some tortilla chips or cornbread, it is also part of the widely-popular American Chili Dog!

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potato and Gravy

A set of well-loved comfort food will not be complete without fried chicken, mashed potato, and gravy. These three are considered a quintessential part of the American kitchens and dinner tables. Adults longing for a taste of their childhood yearn of the classic fried chicken recipes their grandmas prepare for them along with a unique mashed potato recipe made extra-rich with buttermilk, butter, and cream.

Chicken Soup

The hit book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” brought waves of emotion for readers all over the world. The book relates its title from the hearty and soothing comfort food that is said to “cure the soul” whenever it is served with tender, love, and care. Chicken soup recipes have been perfected by grandparents and parents. It is served as a curative sick food, breakfast, or late-night snack. Nothing beats a warm bowl of chicken soup served when you feel badly battered from the challenges of the day.

Food has always brought a range of emotions to people around the world. It is more than just a thing that fills our belly. Many times, food nourishes our mind, body, and soul too. It introduces us to a culture, tradition, or the people who prepared it. When people think back on the foods they consider as “comfort foods,” it brings back happy memories of their childhood and growing up. It calms, soothes, and often, livens their spirits up to face other challenges on the way.

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