Beach Food: What are the Best Types of Food to Get during a Vacation?

Island vacations are a surefire way to recuperate and rejuvenate after a stressful ordeal at work. Some people would find reasons to take a break, and sometimes, hitting the beach to enjoy the fresh sea breeze, quiet nights healthy foods is an effective means to recover after a jaw surgery or treatment.

For a while, you can rest your worries and simply enjoy the long stretches of sand, wicker lounges shaded by well-placed palm trees, and an array of seafood cocktails served to your liking. After a medical procedure, you might not be up for strenuous beach activities, but you can certainly bask in the sun and get all the rest that you need. A beach vacation takes your mind off work and all the stress of city life. All these will certainly make your recovery easier and faster.

But let’s think about the delicious fares that you can as you spend your days or weeks on the coast. There are probably various seafood and grill eateries that you can sample out. Otherwise, you can request your hotel to prepare you some delightful recipes to help you heal.

Fresh Fish

If you are not up to chewing yet, you may want to go for fresh white fish steamed or broiled for that soft, tasty, and juicy dish. It can be a simple fish stew with all the herbs and vegetables that will nourish your body and provide you with all the things you need to recover. Staying close to the ocean gives you the opportunity to sample out the freshest catch from local fisherfolks. You may also request the kitchens to make the best local dishes for you.

Seafood Gumbo

The gumbo recipe is a very popular coastal dish from the South. It blends in the best ingredients and cooking traditions from several cultures. It uses shrimps, crab meat, fish, and oysters – everything that seafood lovers will want in a meal. It is often served with rice thus, it will be easier for you to consume.

Fruits of the Sea Platter

Although you are open to enjoy a decadent fruit platter, coastal eateries especially those with French influences may also offer their Plateau de fruits de mer or a plate of the fruits of the sea. Served over ice, this dish may contain various mussels, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, oysters, and clams which you can have raw or cooked according to your taste. It is also served with seaweeds, lemon wedges, and a variety of sauces like cocktail sauce, mustard, and mignonette sauce.

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This dish is very popular because it is the national dish of Peru. It contains raw pieces of fish or shellfish seasoned with onions, salt, chili peppers and marinated to cook in lime juice. The acidity of the lime changes the texture and color of the fish. It also “cooks” the fish without any heat. And because of its unique preparation, using only the freshest fish is crucial when making ceviche to prevent food poisoning. Often, this dish is prepared an hour or less after the fish is caught.


Sushis and sashimis are dishes made popular by the Japanese. The Nigiri is a special type of sushi that is hand-pressed and a slice of meat is placed on top of the rice. It first debuted in Toko in the 1800s. Some recipes call for nori seaweed to wrap the whole combo of rice and seafood meat. The recipe calls for either tuna, shrimp, eel, or haddock, and these should always be the freshest and the highest quality. To enjoy this dish, it is served with wasabi, soy sauce, or pickled ginger.

Crab Boil or Seafood Boil

This easy-to-make seafood recipe is composed of crabs or a combination of mussels, shrimp, crab legs, corn on the cob, and potato. And although it is very easy to prepare, the outcome is a delicious complete meal. The combination of the corn on the cob, the juices of the seafood, and the lemon butter make this a unique dish that is best enjoyed on the seaside.

Fish Head Curry

This Singaporean dish is a hearty combination of coconut cream, tomatoes, seasonings such as curry leaves, chili, cumin, coriander, turmeric, tamarind, pepper, and fish head. It was made during the times when fish heads were an unwanted part and Singaporeans do not want to throw them away. It is best served with rice or bread and will surely provide the invigoration that you need to fully recover.

Vacations should be made stress-free, fun, and entertaining. It should bring your health back and melt all the stresses away. Staying close to the beach after a medical procedure is one the quickest ways for you to nurture health back. You can enjoy fresh air, clean surroundings, relaxing ambiance, and all nutritious foods from the sea.

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