Great Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding Twice as Fun

Beach weddings are popular for a number of reasons. For one, you get to celebrate your love and commitment as a couple while relaxing in the great ocean venue. If your wedding guests love the beach as well, then that’s a bonus because you’d know they’d have a great time, too.

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you must make yours the best thing possible. It isn’t enough to only splurge on your dress because you may end up sabotaging your special day, instead, and you surely don’t want that. What can you say about a North Miami beach wedding with a limo service? Sounds fancy, right?

Budget-Friendly Decor and Essentials

To make the most out of your wedding experience, hold both the ceremony and reception at the beach. This would save you the hassle of searching and booking for a separate reception venue. You may also end up saving more money for event decor and essentials. Instead of a costly closed venue, you can make do with a huge tent for privacy. Of course, this tent needs to be tough and weather-proof.

For decorations, skip the floral centerpiece and go for quirky and Instagram-worthy tabletop pieces. Try filling vintage bottles and reused jars with seashells, and put them on top of every table. You may also add sand and stones for a more elemental dimension. It’s a simple and easy DIY activity that would barely cost you money.

Another unique centerpiece idea is wood and other natural elements. You’d only need plain white linens as table clothing to make the decor stand out. For a more nautical and coastal vibe, stick to blue and white table clothing or accent pieces.

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Menu Items

Your food selection should be wide and fitting to the seaside concept. For cocktails, serve popular beach drinks like piña colada, tropical mixed drinks, tropical-blend juices, fresh fruit smoothies, and other ice-blended drinks. The beach could be scorching hot, and these refreshments could surely quench one’s thirst.

For the rest of your dinner menu, serve something unexpected and skip most seafood. For appetizers, try waffle bites. Top it with sour cream, corn, and cilantro. It may be a popular breakfast delicacy, but that doesn’t make it any less appetizing and versatile.

Delight your guests by setting up a pizza station. Be sure to include as many toppings as possible. Pizza serves as a great appetizer and main course, too.

Serving some smores and letting your guests enjoy them by a bonfire would give your wedding a comfortable and casual vibe. Popcorn would also be a unique addition to the menu. Serve them in packets and distribute them to guests while they wait for dinner to be served, or just so they can have something to munch all night.

For your wedding cake, skip the traditional type and try going for cheesecake instead. Its saltiness matches well with the beachy vibe, and your guests that aren’t into sweets can enjoy it, too.

Incorporating these fun and unique ideas into your beach wedding will guarantee you a unique and exciting experience. Your wedding would surely be one for the books and you could inspire many other couples as well.

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