A List of the Best Desserts From Around the World

A meal will never be complete without a dessert. And while you may think that ice cream, cake, and fruits are the best ones out there, other countries offer unique and highly delicious desserts.

Read more below to learn about the various dessert options globally that satisfy many people’s sweet tooth.

Pasteis De Nata From Portugal

People don’t always think of Portugal when it comes to the best cuisines in the world. But this country offers a great variety of desserts, including their very own version of custard tarts or pasteis de Nata.

Pasteis de Nata is a traditional Portuguese dessert that comes with a flaky yet deliciously crispy shell. The dessert is filled with creamy and sweet custard center. Overall, pasteis de Nata is best served warm, topped with specks of cinnamon. You will surely keep coming back for more as one piece will never be enough.

Crème Brûlée From France

France is definitely one of the countries that offer exquisite cuisine rich with flavor. And there’s no argument when people say that their creme brulee is a dessert that’ll satisfy your cravings. In fact, it’s one of the most favorite desserts around France.

Made with creamy and rich custard with a layer of crunchy and hard caramel cooked until it turns brown, you will think that creme brulee is a dessert for the royalties only.

Tiramisu From Italy

Tiramisu is a total favorite of many people from different parts of the world. This Italian dessert is inspired by coffee. Its name (tiramisu) means “pick me up,” so next time you crave a unique dessert, make sure to pick up a tiramisu.

Apple Pie From the U.S.A.

Apple pie has made a name for itself in different countries. This classic American dessert has always been a top favorite of people of all ages. The pie, which includes small apple pieces wrapped in a crusty and flaky crust, is often served with cheddar cheese, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. It’s the perfect dessert while you’re enjoying a pleasant afternoon on the balcony of your all-inclusive apartment.

Gelato From Italy

The second Italian dessert on our list is Gelato. This extremely popular dessert is well-loved by Italian people that almost all restaurants in the street of Italy are selling it. Gelato is basically an Italian version of ice cream that is much softer. It comes with a variety of flavors like rum, pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate.

Churros From Spain

chocolate dip and churros

The next one o our list of best desserts around the world is churros. Churros is a traditional Spanish dessert that has become widely popular in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. The dessert is a deep-fried dough often served in cafes or sold by street vendors. And even though churros are considered dessert, people like to eat this delicious pastry for breakfast, dipped with hot chocolate.

Mochi From Japan

Japan is well-known for exquisite cuisines and tasty dishes. And while this country is famous for sushi and sashimi, it also offers the most amazing desserts, including mochi. The Japanese mochi derived its name from mochigome; rice pounded to become a paste molded in a circle. What’s excellent about mochi is that you can eat it any time of the year. However, Japanese people often eat it during the Japanese New Year.

Banoffee Pie From England

You can never go wrong with banoffee pie from England. This tasty dessert is made with coffee or chocolate, toffee, cream, and bananas.

Baklava From the Middle East

You will most likely see baklava in all lists of best desserts around the world. Baklava originated from the Middle East and is often offered in restaurants after the guests finish their meals. It may be given for free by restaurants, but you can also order it for take-out.

Baklava is made of butter, sweet syrup, butter, and layers of paper-thin filo pastry. It’s usually fragranced with orange blossom water or rose.

Dragon Beard Candy From China

Dragon beard candy is a dessert from China. It may seem like a regular dessert for you, but dragon beard candy also showcases the country’s traditional art. The dessert resembles a white cocoon made primarily from maltose syrup, sugar, sesame seeds, coconut, and peanuts.

Belgian Waffle From Belgium

The Belgian waffle dessert is a popular street snack in Belgium. It’s a buttery treat that is often topped with Nutella or powdered sugar. According to Belgian waffle lovers, the best time to eat the dessert is while it’s still warm.

Whenever you crave something unique, make sure to consider the desserts on this list. They will surely satisfy your cravings and make you want to try more. Don’t forget to share them with your family and friends for a sweeter dessert experience.

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