Bum Breakouts: All You Need to Know About Butt Acne

While acne in the middle of the face is an unwanted problem, a pimple hidden in the butt isn’t good either. It’s unsightly when sporting bikini outfits. It’s itchy, uncomfortable, and painful when sitting. If there’s any consolation, almost all people get it. More often than not, you’re not the only one struggling to cover it when at the beach.

What’s Up with the Butt?

Like the acne in your face, pimples on your butt may be due to clogged pores. Believe it or not, you have pores on your booty. They can become blocked as well due to dry skin, the buildup of dead skin cells, or dirt and bacteria from, let’s say your yoga pants. In other instances, it’s not acne per se you’re experiencing.

Sometimes, it’s a condition called folliculitis, the inflammation of a hair follicle. When follicles get irritated, they become red and swollen. You would notice that there are whiteheads forming, which may look like acne. These spots are often itchy, even painful when touched.

Now, what exactly causes follicles to be irritated? Well, it could be your tight-fitting clothes. The constant friction between your pants and backside while moving can trigger irritation. It could also be sweat. When moisture is trapped, this can also result in swollen follicles.

As skin doctors and Salem-based practitioners noted, a condition called keratosis pilaris may also be mistaken for butt acne, as it also looks like pimples, red and bulging. This condition happens when there’s a buildup of keratin, creating a barrier in the hair follicle opening. Keratin is naturally occurring in the body, protecting the skin from infections and toxic substances. If it blocks the hair follicle, it can lead to the tiny bumps. It’s not known yet what’s triggering the buildup of keratin on the skin. Some doctors believe that there’s a genetic link as the condition tends to run in families.

What Do You Do?

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Given the causes above, you can already see how you can “kick this problem in the butt.” For one, trade your tight-fitting pants for loose pieces. If that’s too drastic of a change though, just make it a habit to remove your figure-hugging clothes as soon as you get home or at the end of the day.

Make sure to use breathable undergarments as well and shower after working out to avoid trapping sweat on your skin. Exfoliate your bum every now and then. Apply lotion with tea tree oil for moisturizing. Include this in your 5- or 10-step skin care routine at least twice a week.

In terms of treatment, you can use benzoyl peroxide. You can get body wash or bar soaps in the drug store that have this ingredient. Apply it gently to the affected area every bath. If it’s a severe case though, you may need to take oral antibiotics. Consult your doctor for this to know which drugs are appropriate for your health.

Butt pimples are annoying and sometimes, very painful. But, you don’t have to live in pimply tragedy. Know the trigger to those bumps. From there, do the appropriate interventions. Discuss with your dermatologist.

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