Use Your Home’s Orientation to Maximize Heat Gain

For homeownership to be the dream you intended for it to be, and for it to be worth all the time and money you’ve spent to actualize it, it must come with a high level of comfort. Most homeowners will include several features into their home’s construction to guarantee its comfort. Heating and cooling equipment, tasteful décor elements, and modern appliances are some of the leading choices for ensuring that your dream home is actually livable. Therefore, the process of making your home comfortable begins long before its construction.

It starts with the right choice among the available pieces of land for sale in Armstrong Creek. Proximity to social amenities and medical centers, exceptional vistas, and well-maintained roads and paths are undoubtedly essential for your choice of a location for your dream home, but these are not enough. A vital step is to pick a home design that will maximize your indoor temperature comfort and match your lot. The following are some guidelines for choosing a house’s orientation to maximize indoor heat.

Orient Your Floor Plan

When most people are evaluating lots, they will frequently base their choice on their desired building profile rather than their floor plan. To maximize heat gain, consider the lots that situate frequently used rooms like the living rooms and kitchen on the southern side. Your family and guests will appreciate the sun’s rays that will filter into these rooms in the cold season. The decks and patios of your home should also be on the southern side so that they are in direct sunlight and can be used for longer times during all seasons. The laundry room and garage, along with other infrequently used rooms on the other side, will be the buffers against cold winds.

Consider Tree Shade

Brick Suburban Lake front Homes in the summer

Trees play a significant role in your home’s passive solar design. If you are keen on maximizing your home’s heat gain, consider the types of trees around your lot. For instance, deciduous trees will lose most of their leaves in cold months and consequently allow the infiltration of natural lighting and heat into your home. Evergreen trees on your home’s northern side will provide adequate shade from the harsh summer sun.

Plan for Your Driveway’s Location

Parking lots and driveways can get excessively hot since most are made of asphalt and gravel that will heat up faster than your yard. The excess heat from your driveways can filter into your interiors and increase the indoor temperature. If you are aiming for maximum heat gain, aim for a west or north placement of the parking lot or driveway in northern climates.

Install the Right Number of Windows

People aim to maximize their natural lighting with many windows. Even so, windows will sap the heat from your interiors faster than the walls. Installing too many windows might thus drain a lot of indoor heat even with optimal insulation.

Most people will take considerable measures to minimize their indoor heat. With the above guidelines in mind, you can now pick the right land lot for your home’s construction for maximum heat gain. This way, you are assured of making beautiful memories with your family.

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