Cornerstone Elements of Positive Dog Training

You have several pet alternatives, but a dog might be your best choice. This is the most loyal pet you can choose and is one of the easiest to care for. Getting the dog is nonetheless only part of what it will take to enjoy days of endless bliss with your dog. You should first train your dog to respond to basic instructions and the things you would want them to do. For most dog owners, training a dog sounds like a simple DIY task with guaranteed results over time.

Puppy training by Utah-based experts, is, nonetheless your best choice. It uses different approaches for dog training. One technique that has been proven to have the best and longest-lasting effects is positive training. Positive training for dogs has been shown to improve communication between you and the dog and boost the chances of developing a strong bond with the animal.

Moreover, it can be used to correct multiple behavior issues, and the dog will burn a lot of energy with the activities it involves. The following are the cornerstones of this technique of dog training.

Positive Reinforcement

With positive training, you will reward the positive behaviors in your dog. The idea behind this is by rewarding good behavior, you increase the odds of a dog behaving well in the future since he/she will expect a reward.

Positive reinforcement is commonly used in combination with negative punishments like taking something that your dog desires away to redirect potentially harmful behavior. A few people think that positive reinforcement contributes to animals with a lack of leadership and weakness. The reality, however, is that you do not need to be aggressive and harsh to teach a dog good behavior.

Avoiding Punitive Methods

The use of disciplinary training and confrontational techniques has been proven to have a negative effect on dogs since they make them aggressive. Some people argue that the use of electric shocks or kicking dogs in the ribs when training them are not as damaging. Though these seem like varied and harmless punishments, they go a long way in developing an aggressive attitude in your dog.

Understanding Dominance

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A misunderstanding of dominance is a primary element that will keep you and your dog from having a functional and healthy relationship. People assume that if you do not keep dogs in check, then they will dominate your relationship and should thus be kept in check with punishments. Dogs will, however, not misbehave only because of a dominance issue. This misconception has caused most dog owners and their pets to end up unbalanced, unconfident, and unhappy.

Using The Dog’s Viewpoint

You cannot have a real bond with your pet if you do not understand his/her sensory experiences and language. These are linked to the emotions and senses the dog experiences when training. Learning what makes your dog happy will be the best foundation for forming a lasting and healthy relationship with them.

The above elements of positive reinforcement are guaranteed to give you an enviable relationship with your dog. They will, however, only achieve this when handled by the best dog trainer you can invest in. Your choice of a trainer is thus one you should carefully consider.

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