Why It Is Getting Difficult to Get Rid of Bedbugs These Days

Bedbugs can be a nasty problem to have at home. Even the mere thought of them can also make other people’s skin crawl. Although quite common, a lot of people do not know anything about some necessary home remedies to banish these pests effectively.

Most people would often rely on bedbug sprays or bug bombs to manage their problem. Although the idea of eliminating them with just one dream would be fantastic, it is only a pipe dream. Bedbugs are not an easy problem to get rid of by using over-the-counter products.

If you suspect a bedbug infestation in your home in Attleboro, Massachusetts, it is best to reach out to licensed pest control as soon as possible. Call in a reliable exterminator. Although these bugs do not transmit any disease, their bites can cause secondary skin infection. They can also affect your sleep.

Problems with Using Bedbug Sprays

Bedbug sprays are effective in killing these pests. However, they kill only those bugs that come in contact with the spray. Since bedbugs are known to be efficient at hiding, it is unlikely to see them hiding all in one place. It is quite tricky to see them, and their eggs are not visible to the naked eye. Thus, using repellents and sprays will only cause them to move to other parts of your house.

Bedbugs Becoming Immune to Insecticides

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The common bedbug can also show signs of resistance to several insecticides. They include the most commonly used ones such as deltamethrin. Insecticide resistance is nothing new. Almost all bedbug sprays have been used so much for the past decades that most bedbug populations have developed their brand of resistance to them. These immunity genes get passed on to other bedbugs, which become an entirely new problem for most people.

Although there are still products that work against some bedbugs, it is crucial to use them sparingly. It is also best to pair them with non-chemical methods to prevent bedbugs from developing any resistance.

Signs You Home Has Bedbugs

One of the best ways to treat your bedbug problems accordingly is to look for any physical signs. When you are cleaning or changing your bedding, you need to watch out for any rusty or reddish stains. You can usually find them on the mattresses and bed sheets. These stains are caused by bedbugs every time they are crushed. You should check the seams as well as the tags of the mattresses and box springs. When the bugs are not feeding, they are most often located in various dark places such as the cracks in the bed frame and in the headboard.

Bedbugs are a big problem to solve. Therefore, if you see any signs of infestation, it is best to contact an exterminator. You should not attempt to treat it on your own so that it will not spread to other parts of your home. Seeking help from a professional is always the best way to deal with any kinds of infestation.

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