Curing Yourself Off Your Addiction to Sweets

Craving for sweets is our body’s way of telling us to reward ourselves. How many times have we taken a bit of chocolate because we feel that we deserve it after finishing a report on time? How many times have we tried and failed to stop ourselves from ordering a sugary frappe because we know that it’s bad for our health? Sugary treats are the reasons it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. While a piece of chocolate or a bite of a cookie is okay, it becomes a problem if you tend to binge-eat desserts.

How about keto cookies? Have you tried eating them? They are delicious but don’t pack as much sugar as regular cookies. You should also check which kind of sugar substitute is good for you. Be careful about consuming artificial sweeteners with dextrose and maltodextrin as primary ingredients. These two can cause cancer and other health complications.

Start with Your Coffee and Soda

Are you one of those who put loads of sugar in your coffee or tea? Do you drink soda regularly, too? Maybe it’s time to experiment a bit. How about that? First, try to cut down on the amount of sugar you put in your coffee. If you’re putting three packets of sugar in your mug, try to lessen it by one packet. Do this for a week or two until you feel comfortable. Next, drop it to just one packet. Do this until you no longer feel the need to have your coffee taste like liquified sugar.

You can dilute your soda. Do you like its taste so much that you’re finding it hard to stop yourself from consuming soda? Like with coffee, lessen the amount you take each week until you no longer crave it. You can also dilute your soda by mixing it with water. It tastes similar to regular soda but with less of the sugar that you take with an undiluted glass of Coke.

Curb Your Hunger

When you are hungry, try to stop yourself from substituting a meal with sweets. If you don’t have time to grab a full meal, settle for healthy snacks such as almonds and a granola bar. Never settle for a bite of chocolate to curb your hunger and push it to another hour. Make sure that your kitchen has a stock of premade healthy meals. You can go for protein-rich food such as eggs, meat, and fish because these are amazing for curbing hunger.


If you feel the need to eat sweets, go outside for a short walk or run. Your brain will release the feel-good hormones called endorphins, which can help curb your craving for sweets. If going outside or exercising in the gym isn’t possible, do push-ups, burpees, or squats. You’ll find that your cravings for sweets have lessened afterward.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you love. The important thing is to keep a balanced diet. While you can indulge yourself in junk food and the occasional soda, make sure never to binge-eat them and to do so in moderation.

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