Dermal fillers and how they could help you

Dermal fillers Kent are used in the practice of cosmetic treatment to plump up facial lines and wrinkles, giving the skin of the face a refreshed and youthful look.

When we age our skin starts to show signs of wear, this is caused by the loss of the natural hyaluronic acids the skin needs to stay looking healthy. Modern techniques and technologies have created the ability to refresh and reshape the skin of the face, neck and hands.

The following will give a brief overview of what needs to be considered when looking for dermal fillers.


The greatest usage of these fillers is within the area of the lips. When applied they can help to give the lips a stronger defined look by making them look fuller and enhancing the contour of the mouth.

When used for the cheeks, these fillers will help to create a lifted appearance to the face. Adding lift and volume to the cheeks can help create a more youthful look to the face. This lift to the lower face can also help improve the appearance of the nasolabial folds.

Used in the area under the eyes, commonly known as the tear trough, between the cheek and the eyelid these fillers can improve volume loss and help clear up the appearance of dark lines.

Other areas where fillers can be used are the jaw and chin, the mouth, and the temples, in all cases, helping to create the appearance of youth.

The procedure

The injection of the filler is completed in a short amount of time, usually around a couple of minutes or so, with the effects of the treatment being visible straight away.

The effects can last for between six and eighteen months, depending on skin type, the area treated, and the injection techniques employed. Follow up treatment may help to maintain the outcomes over time.

derma filler


All medical procedures carry risks, cosmetic procedures included. It is important to be aware of any risks involved. You may experience some of the following side effects after receiving treatment.

An infection could develop in the treated area or the skin may develop a look of being lumpy in the treated area, if so, you should seek medical advice.

If you find that the filler is moving away from the treated area, seek medical advice straight away, as it may need to be removed. Scarring can occur in some cases.

In severe cases blocked blood vessels can develop, these need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid tissue death

After treatment, if you experience any of these symptoms you should seek medical advice straight away by contacting your GP as soon as possible.

After treatment

After your treatment, you may notice some redness in the area treated, it may become sore and/or swollen. Any swelling or bruising will normally dissipate after a few days.

You should also be advised not to wear make-up, drink alcohol or coffee, and avoid being exposed to strong sunlight in the days after treatment, this should help to lessen the chance of side effects.

Next step

If you are considering filler treatment you should seek a consultation with a fully qualified professional, they will be able to advise you fully and help you decide if this is the correct path for you.

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