Four Amazing Cities for Creatives to Move to After the Pandemic

There has been news of Americans wanting to move out of the country to escape the pandemic. Although that doesn’t sound like a good idea at the moment, you can still look forward to moving out when the pandemic is over. If you’re a creative looking for a city that not only fits your lifestyle but also appreciates and helps creatives grow, these are four cities to look into:

1. Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Australia. The most populous city on the continent. It is also known as one of the world’s greatest art hubs. They have a long history of art. Their art scene dates back to as early as 1861, when the first and oldest art gallery in Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, was founded.

It is a vibrant city full of lane ways covered in street art, many art galleries, and lush parks. They also have tons of markets: food markets, art markets, clothing markets, flower booths, books, antiquities, and other treasures. The city is part of UNESCO’s creative cities for literature as well. The city’s government appreciates their creatives so much that they’ve provided over two-million dollars in grants to support struggling artists during the pandemic. It makes you want to find a house and land right then and there.

2. Dakar

Dakar is a very underrated city. It is the capital of Senegal in the western part of Africa. The city is a mix of contemporary and historical architecture that show their rich heritage. Aside from housing eighty percent of the country’s economic activity, they are also home to some of the best African contemporary arts.

Like Melbourne, it is part of UNESCO’s list of creative cities. They are also well-known for their media arts. The city hosts some of Africa’s largest cultural events. Among these cultural events are the World Festival of Black Arts and Dak’Art, which has been going on since the 1990s. To know more about moving to Dakar visit InterNations Go.

3. Amsterdam

You’ve probably scene Amsterdam in the movies. Their colorful houses lined up against the river and their wild nightlife. The city itself is like a work of art. It speaks of the community that lives there.

Amsterdam has 12 major museums. Included are the famous Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank House, and Rembrandt house museum. They also have quite the urban art scene. You can find several videos on the Internet on Americans moving to the Netherlands. If you’d like to learn how to as well, visit

4. Sedona

Australian city

Sedona is a city surrounded by red rocks, cacti, and the blue sky. It is not only known for its art scene. It is also a place of spirituality and healing. Many artists go to this place to recharge their creative energy. It’s a great place to get away from the city, and it is home to those who love the outdoors. If this sounds like the place for you, go to

It can be a difficult decision choosing a place to settle down that fits your lifestyle. But these cities should definitely be part of your choices.

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