Grandkids Takeover: Grandparents Are Redesigning Their Homes for Their Favorite Visitors

Kids roomGrandparents, do you want your grandkids to visit you more often? You’re not alone.

In America, Grandparents are coming up with all kinds of ideas to draw their grandchildren to their homes. They’re converting attics into children’s suites, or guest rooms into playrooms. And they’re buying kid-friendly provisions like stepping stools and children’s utensils.

From adult furniture to children’s furnishings

According to The Wall Street Journal, many grandparents in America are frequenting furniture shops, not to buy a full-sized bed, but a kid’s bunk bed and home items for children. Susanne Fougerousse, a children’s furniture store owner in Raleigh, N.C, says that 25 percent of their visitors are grandparents who buy personalized cribs and burlap tents with their grandchild’s name on them.

At Pottery Barn Kids, the majority of their interior design requests are for nursery rooms from grandparents who want to put one in their house for their grandkids. To ensure frequent visits from their favorite little buddies, grandparents today are designing their homes with their grandkids in mind.

Converting attics into children’s rooms

Grandparents are converting their attic or basement to give their grandchildren their bedroom. For example, grandparents Linda and George turned their basement into a children’s suite. Their 12-year-old granddaughter took part in designing it with a flip-flop-themed lamp and a white leather couch.

Carol and Dan decluttered their attic and fitted it with kid-sized bunk beds. They hand-painted the walls, installed kids’ closets and chalkboards, and put glow-in-the-dark constellation stickers on the ceiling.

Transforming extra rooms into a playroom

Aside from giving their grandkids special accommodation, some grandparents go the extra mile of providing them with a play place. Interior designers say a lot of grandparents ask them to turn their abandoned basement into a playroom or lounge for their grandchildren.  Depending on the age of the kids, this can mean padded walls, playmats, bean bags, snuggly stuffed toys. Or the room gets fitted with mini trampolines, ping pong tables, and activity desks for fun DIY projects.

Adding details that matter

Child's bedroom

Making a home lovable and fun for kids, however, does not necessarily require renovations and expensive furniture. Practical provisions and fun decors can make one’s home enticing to children.

For example, you can get your grandkids their own set of plates and utensils, and a table and chairs set that match their height. You can also fit your home with stepping stools, containers for their toys, a potty trainer, and their toothbrush rack and cup.

You may furnish your home with fun designs that they’ll love, from colorful towels and bathroom rugs, Disney-themed blankets and pillowcases, and cute and cuddly decorative toys.

Toys don’t need to be modern, either. Back in the day, there isn’t much furniture that is made just for kids. Who doesn’t love grandma’s rocking chair, cabbage patch dolls, and cozy quilts? Kids’ imagination can turn the simplest items into an amusing toy.

If you’re a grandparent who loves it when your grandchildren come for a visit, think of what makes them excited and engaged. Then make room for these things in your home, whether that means transforming your old rooms into kid-friendly spaces or simply adding fun and practical provisions that would make your grandchildren feel at home.

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