Practical Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle’s Engine

The engine is the heart of your car. While visiting the mechanic regularly can keep it operating well, bad driving habits would shorten its life significantly. If it is a new car, you should be careful because all parts have to adapt to their roles. If you break in your engine properly, you will have fewer issues going forward. If you are buying a used car, taking all necessary precautions ensures that you get value for your money. How can you extend the life of your car’s engine?

Maintain It

Do not assume that a car that runs does not require maintenance, irrespective of how smoothly it runs. You have to change the coolant, oil, and other fluids that ensure a smooth running engine. Most manufacturers provide maintenance manuals that offer practical maintenance plans. Sticking to an aggressive maintenance schedule is likely to be inconveniencing and expensive. However, it is worth it. The fact that you can always repair your car is no excuse to abuse it.

Warm It Up Well on Cold Days

Cold weather takes a toll on a car’s engine. The oil usually thickens, making it difficult for moving parts to work. Gasoline takes longer and more effort to burn, as well. The battery’s charge lowers, too, meaning that starting the car requires more energy. Whatever you do, do not let the car idle until it warms up. This has an adverse effect on the environment and the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Instead, start the car, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then drive gently until the vehicle warms up appropriately.

Change Your Driving Habits

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No amount of maintenance will atone for bad driving habits. Speeding is among the leading causes of rapid engine wear. It affects the transmission and all engine components, particularly if you upshift and downshift constantly. Understand that slow and unsteady would not help. Erratic driving, especially constant accelerating and decelerating, affects the health of your engine. This is because the vehicle works harder to achieve the desired speed. You should always be gentle when accelerating to top speed to avoid overtaxing your engine.

Avoid Excessively Heavy Loads

Do not make your small vehicle do jobs meant for heavy-duty vehicles. If you have boats, trailers, vehicles, and other heavy objects to tow, find a vehicle with a bigger engine. This is because such work strains your engine unnecessarily, which damages engine parts, especially when towing across rough roads and hills. Most owners’ manuals state the type of tasks a vehicle can handle. Reading it helps avoid making avoidable mistakes. It pays to cut back on the weight you carry, as well.

Beware of Bad Fuel

Substandard or bad car fuel will kill your engine in no time. Such fuel contains particles that end up clogging the filter. A clogged filter usually means a damaged fuel pump. While you can always replace a fuel pump, a new one will set you back hundreds of dollars depending on your type of vehicle.

A mechanic plays an integral role in prolonging the life of your engine. Whether you need a general mechanic or simply a specialist in differentials in Salt Lake City, you have to choose a reliable one. It pays to choose a professional with experience with your type and brand of car.

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