Here are Pain Relieving Tools You Can Use at Home

Do you constantly suffer from tired and aching muscles, leaving you feeling tired and lacking energy? Have you recently had surgery and need post-op care at home? Here below are the things that can help relieve that pain and discomfort.

Shoulder Treatment

If you’ve recently had surgery on this part of your body or woke up with a really painful frozen shoulder, a cold therapy system for the shoulder is an ideal solution for that annoying shoulder pain and the perfect equipment for post-op care at home. It’s designed to relieve discomfort or swelling from injury or after surgery.

The equipment is specially made for patients who need therapy at home and is ideal for use for the home treatment that is usually prescribed by the doctor. The system comes with instructions on how to use, which is pretty straightforward; anyone can use it with ease.

It’s equally easy for health care assistants to use, making it a must-have home therapy system that works excellent in relieving pain and swelling in localized parts of the body.

Knee Discomfort

Holding on to her kneeIf this happens most of the day, wearing a compressive bandage will be extremely helpful, especially on days where you expect to do a lot of walking like when you’re traveling or will be doing work that involves leg work like when cleaning around the house.

The bandage is comfortable to use but very supportive, it lets you move with ease and without any or with less discomfort. The level of relief the user will feel will, of course, depend on the severity of their knee problem.

For minor discomfort, a knee bandage is a great pain relief equipment that can be used daily or whenever the need be. It’s also ideal to find time to raise your leg from time to time to rest your leg and relieve your knee from the pressure it receives from standing or walking.

Icing the knee also helps, as it can reduce swelling and provide instant relief to tired knees.

Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, and the level of intensity varies widely, as with the underlying cause of the problem. In some cases, patients have multiple underlying issues, both systemic and muscular — even dental sometimes (read: TMJ), that causes them to suffer from constant back pain.

For minor back pains, a TENS unit can be used to treat the discomfort and provide relief by applying the electrode pads to the affected area. The settings can be adjusted depending on the current that needs to be delivered to the affected area, which will help loosen tight muscles that cause the pain.

It is ideal to set it at the lowest pulse level, working your way to a higher pulse level as you go through the duration of the session. A 10- to 15-minute session at home can provide major relief and a lasting therapeutic effect, allowing you to get back to the swing of things right away.

Don’t let pain rob you with your joy and productivity. By addressing your pain using supportive and home therapy equipment, you’ll always have a way to get rid of the pain so that you can get back to your routine. Don’t let pain and discomfort take over your day; choose comfort and to be pain-free at all times.

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