How to Celebrate the Successful Completion of a Team Project

Do you take the time to celebrate your team’s achievements whenever you complete a project? Maybe that is why you keep on losing most of your high-quality talent. Did you know that 66% of workers would quit an organization if they feel unappreciated? So what are you doing to make your employees feel that you value their contribution to your organization?

Well, here are several strategies you can use to celebrate the successful completion of a team project:

1. Give everyone an unexpected paid holiday

If your organization is quite large and tends to reports high revenues, then think about giving everyone an unexpected paid holiday. Employee burnout is a serious issue – one that you should think about. Research shows that 62% of workers have experienced employee burnout at their current jobs.

Your employees may have completed your project on time and under budget as you wanted them to but at the expense of their health. They may have sacrificed the time they could have spent with their loved ones to make sure your organization gets things done.

Even if one of your company perks is a paid vacation, there is no rule that says that you can’t offer more if it, is there? So think about giving your team a paid holiday off so that they can relax and recharge together with their family. If your organization is in a position to, think about paying for the entire team to travel to a beautiful destination on an all-expense-paid trip. Not only will your employees feel appreciated and motivated when customers find out how well you treat your workers, but your brand value will also increase significantly.

2. Give your employees a VIP treatment to a major event

There are so many attractions in places like Baltimore. These include major sporting events, music festivals, and concerts. Think about the biggest annual event that your employees have been talking about with excitement.

Can you pay for VIP tickets? And can you hire the best corporate limo rental company in Baltimore to transport your team to the event in style? You can also pay for their food and drinks afterward. That would be an excellent way of making your workers feel appreciated. And it gives them bragging rights, especially if you can find a way for them to meet their favorite celebrities afterward.

3. Offer everyone huge bonuses

Rear view at successful company ceo celebrating business win

Every time your employees work hard and finish their projects in time, they enable your business to make money. How much of your business revenues go back to your employees who do most of the work? Not every company gives its employees some bonuses at the end of the year. Studies show that 43% of companies do not pay their workers any bonus.

Your workers may not be legally entitled to any bonuses since you pay them their salaries. But if they are aware of the large amounts of money that they help your business make, yet they don’t receive any bonuses, they will feel much unappreciated.

So think about surprising your successful teams with a decent bonus. If you always offer it, add to it so that it is big enough to boost their income significantly.

You have several options to show your appreciation of your employees. You can even use the same strategies you have been using but take them a notch higher. The more appreciated your workers feel, the more motivated they would be. And that makes them more productive, thus helping to boost your company’s bottom line even more. It is a win-win method of doing things.

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