Is It Really a Party If There’s No Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is a common practice in parties. Have you ever attended one—aside from a kiddie party—that does not offer at least one cocktail or beer? It’s not imperative to drink during a party, but many enjoy themselves more because drinking alcohol results in fewer social inhibitions. Also, tipsy people contribute to a festive celebration. Look, there’s no need to go this route if you’re not comfortable.

If you’re driving home afterward, you have to say no to drinking because a police radar gun might catch you. If you don’t like the effects of drinking the morning after, you can still enjoy going out with your friends. Aside from that, there are a lot of things you will realize when you attend a party without alcohol involved.

You Were a Part of the Same Messy, Drunk Nights Before

At one point or another, you’ve been a sloppy, messy drunk, too. It’s a lot messier than you think. Sure, your friends will waste no time telling you about how funny you were the night before, but you never realized it was the wrong kind of weird. You were dancing like a crazy lady on the dance floor and making out with a stranger! Yes, that sounds about right. The next time you drink, you’ll be a lot careful with your actions (and just how drunk you’ll allow yourself).

You’re the Keeper of Your Friends’ Memories


Can you even imagine how powerful you’ll feel watching your friends make a fool of themselves? Sure, you’re going to drive them home after, and you’ll probably even hold their heads as they vomit throughout the night. But for now, you’re going to take photos to commemorate how messy they all are. These are photos that you shouldn’t post on social media. Just keep them and share them with your friends.

You’re Responsible for Yourself and Your Friends

Maybe you’re the designated driver, and you’re annoyed that you have to be one. But when its 3 a.m. and you’re driving your friends to their apartments, you’ll see how important it is to make sure that they’re all okay. Who made sure that you were safe when you were all drunk? Now, you understand why you need to be more responsible when you go out to party.

You’re Going to Have Fun Even without Alcohol

There’s no need to be drunk to enjoy a party. You can still enjoy yourself and the company of your friends. There are other non-drunk people in the bar, too, and you can strike up a conversation with them. You might even be surprised to “click” with certain people in the party. So no, you don’t need to be drunk to socialize. It’s better to remember the names of the people you met during the party and connect with them afterward.

No law says that you have to drink even if you’re not comfortable with it. On the other hand, you can make sure that you and your friends are safe from unscrupulous individuals who like to take advantage of drunk people. That alone should be a reason why at least one in your group should be lucid or focused.

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