Is Medical Tourism Worth It or Should You Just Pursue Treatment at Home?

There is a lot of confusion about medical tourism. No, this does not mean you will accidentally get surgery in another country while traveling there. Medical tourism is intentionally going to that country to seek treatment—either invasive or non-invasive methods. You will prepare in advance, and even your doctor will try to contact health facilities and doctors in the destination country to have the best care imaginable.

It Is More Affordable

Medical tourism is worth it because surgical procedures are so much cheaper in other countries, specifically in Asian countries than in Europe and North America. Even if you have to pay from your own pockets, it is still ideal to seek treatment in Singapore or South Korea, for example. Do you know that many foreigners travel to places like the Philippines for their dental treatment?

Aligning the teeth will cost tens of thousands of dollars in the United States, but in the Philippines, that will only cost about $2,000 or less. And it’s not just about the treatment, but you can also get to know more about the place you visit if you’re going to have a minor procedure. The amount of money you will spend on the medical procedure and the accommodation and the tour will still be cheaper than getting the treatment done in more expensive places.

But What About Quality?

Admittedly, not all kinds of medical procedures are better in other countries. While Thailand and South Korea are topping the list when it comes to cosmetic procedures, Western countries are better in other types of medical treatments. There are many experimental treatments that you can seek in New York City, for example. The city offers GAINSWave technology for addressing erectile dysfunction in men. It is a safe and non-invasive technology for a common problem in men. So far, this technology is only being offered in places like the US, Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

But if you like to have a double eyelid or a fuller lip, you’ve got to visit places like South Korea and Taiwan. Italy, Brazil, Columbia, and the United States are some of the best places for liposuction. Being the best does not mean having the highest rates, too. It is cheaper to get a nose job in South Korea than in any other state in the US.

Should I Go for It?

Your doctor will talk to you about the possibility of medical tourism. If you cannot afford the procedure in your home country, be honest with your doctor about it. They can usually advise you to seek medical treatment elsewhere. Some of them may already have contacts in other countries so that they can refer you to them.

If you have the resources to travel and pay for the procedure and stay there until you’re 100% okay, then medical tourism is a possibility that you should welcome and even embrace. It’s cheap, and you will be able to tap some of the best medical industries in the world. Not to mention, you’ll get to experience a place like never before.

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It’s More Than About Treatments

Many people have gone to popular Southeast Asian destinations for a procedure and never looked back. Yes, that’s right. Many of them did not return to their home countries anymore because of their hospitality from their host countries. They discover new worlds, places, cultures, and traditions. This is true, especially if the treatment has a significant impact on their lifestyles.

Most treatments will have you stay in the host country for weeks and sometimes months. So, you can treat this as a sort of vacation for you as well. This is your chance to stay out of the often-stressful environment at home and work. You might be in a better place physically and mentally after a few weeks away from home. And the most important thing is that you still won’t spend as much as you would if you stayed in your home country.

Of course, there are also drawbacks to medical tourism. These are well-documented. They are also downright scary if you don’t know what you are getting into. But that is the reason why you should never do this without the guidance of your doctor.

It would be best if you had someone you can trust to guide you through the process. This will help satisfy your concerns and issues about the procedure that will be done to you. Plus, it will also prevent you from falling into false claims and promises. With a doctor by your side, medical tourism is a clear shoo-in to get quality and affordable health care.

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