Maximizing the Life of Your Mattress

Recent research has revealed that Americans spend approximately 7.7 hours a day on their beds. That’s a lot of hours, but the caliber of their sleep depends on the quality and how well one cares of their mattress. Of course, everyone would want to know how to care for their bedding after investing hundreds of dollars in it. One way to protect your mattress and have a comfortable night is to care for your bedding. Of course, washing and allowing your linens dry is one way to maximize their life. Here are incredible tips for caring and cleaning a mattress:

Get a Cover

Covering a mattress with a layer that creates a barrier against dirt, dust, and moisture is one way for caring for a mattress in your home in Utah. You can use any of the many encasements and pads available for covering a mattress. These casings are ideal for people with allergies to mites or dust. These encasements and pillows don’t just cover the top of a bed; instead, they can encase, zipper, and enclose it tightly.

Spin and Flip

Save a few hours every month to give your mattress a little extra care by rotating or flipping it. Spinning and flipping a mattress helps in offsetting the settling that occurs when someone places a heavy load on a compressible surface. It is a process that has to be done every month to maximize the life of a mattress.

Tackle Spills

Person cleaning the mattressExperts recommend treating spills, stains, and spots on a mattress that doesn’t have a cover with warm water and a damp cloth. Of course, no one wants to saturate their bedding, so a wet fabric isn’t recommendable. Your mattress is like your couch, and of course, you wouldn’t want to pour water on it. As soon as oil or paint spills on the cushion, blot it dry and use a cloth to treat the spot. If urine or blood stains your mattress, experts recommend the use of a cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide or baking powder to scrub the stained surface.

Read Your Warranty

The first thing before sleeping on a new mattress is to read and understand the warranty and its limits. Some mattress manufacturers stipulate a specific caring and cleaning guide. Understanding how any of your actions can impact the terms of the warranty can save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

A mattress is an investment that anyone needs for a better sleep and mental and physical health. As such, everyone wants a bed to last a lifetime. However, the rules for caring for a mattress varies widely, depending on the type of bedding you sleep on every night.

Even with the best care tips, a mattress will eventually wear out after several years. Some of the signs that a bed is already worn out are saggy edges and coils. It may also be time to shop for a new mattress if you’re waking up feeling uncomfortable or with an achy back or neck.

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