Motorcycle Insurance Buying Tips This Springtime

Milder weather condition is in the offing in most states in the U.S. as springtime approaches. If you own a motorcycle, you’re either probably now busy planning your next long rides with your club or updating your insurance policy. As a new motorcycle owner, you may find it stressful to have the right insurance coverage, but there are things you may want to consider to lower insurance quotations.

There are doable ways to get lower motorcycle insurance rates

Most car insurance providers in Aurora also offers various types of insurance policies for motorcycle owners. But before you contact any insurance provider, you may want to know the factors that affect motorcycle insurance rates. While the median annual insurance cost for motorcycle owners in Illinois is around $533, price rates may vary from state to state. As a new motorcycle owner, you need to understand that insurance companies use several factors (e.g. age, motorcycle type you own, etc.) in computing a quote. However, there are some factors that you may leverage to help you get the best insurance rates.

One common factor in quoting motorcycle insurance is how often a rider will likely file a claim. While insurance companies give higher policy rates for owners of some motorcycle types with high crash rate, you may want to complete a motorcycle driving course before asking for a quote. Some insurance companies even give premium discounts for riders who have an immaculately clean driving history. Another factor that affects insurance policy rates is how you keep your motorcycle. It’s possible to get lower quotes if an insurer determines that you have a secure parking place for your motorcycle.

While some riders prefer to pay for annual insurance, you may find it cheaper to purchase seasonal insurance policies. There are insurance providers give lower rates for motorcycle owners who ride on a seasonal basis. You may find the types of insurance coverage overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to only buy the policies that will suit your personal preference as a rider. For example, you may not need pillion coverage if you don’t have a back ride passenger when you travel.

Before making a call, a pen and a note pad may come handy so you can jot down important policy details. As a new motorcycle owner, don’t hesitate to ask for further details to better understand your coverage.

On-road motorcycle riding safety practices you need to know

motorcycle maintenance

Having the right motorcycle insurance is important to every rider, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advised to always wear a helmet that meets the FMVSS 218 while on the road, even in short travels. Aside from wearing DOT-certified helmets, it’s ideal if you wear leather or heavy denim apparel to protect you from serious physical injuries during a crash. Like any vehicle drivers, motorcycle owners must also obey state-specific traffic laws and ride defensively at all times.

First-time motorcycle owners may find insurance policy rates costly. While insurance companies use factors in computing quotes, you may do something to possibly get lower premium rates. Aside from getting motorcycle insurance, it pays to always keep you safe while on the road this springtime.

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